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Enriching and mind-stimulating articles are hard to find nowadays. And what’s appalling in all of these is that most of these good sites are often obscure in the last pages of search engines.

Well, it doesn’t come as a surprise because Google doesn’t necessarily rank base on the quality of the content but on how you optimize SEO.

Therefore, people who are more tech-savvy would benefit from this type of setting.

But anyway, I found a few good websites that you can try and regularly visit for a worthwhile and enriching daily reading.

For this session of fun and facts of the day, let’s briefly talk about the internet publication Fact and Arts and discuss some of the contents.

Let’s begin…

What are Facts and Arts?

Facts and Arts is an online publication that offers high-quality content. In addition, these articles are distributed by prominent authors from different fields like professors, writers, political analyst, etc.

With this being said—you can expect a wide variety of topics that includes anywhere from politics, science, movie reviews, current news, arts, etc.

The good news is that it is completely to use!

But the authors of the contents have the right to charge fees in case they desire to do so. In this case, the editor shall take a cut from the income as well.

Nevertheless, they are an excellent online publication to find current events and anything new about sciences and arts.

In this next section, let’s see some of their recent publications…

Fun facts of the day from Facts and Arts

Aging Creatives by David Galenson

It was proposed by Peter Hubbell, the CEO of BoomAgers, to award older contributors to the film industry at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

This type of recognition is unique in any award-giving body and probably would be the first of its kind if approved. (Read more here…)

China Leads Again by Stephen Roach

Wuhan, China, is ground zero for the COVID-19 pandemic.

This may be the case—we are seeing a speedy recovery and, even currently, an economic leader around the world. Part of their strategy was believed to be based on their response to the global financial crisis of 2008. (Read more here…)

Disney’s Pivot to Streaming is a Sign of Severe COVID Economic Crisis still to come by Hamza Mudassir

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has started, it has affected many businesses around the world. And giant entertainment companies like Disney are no exception.

They recently announced a major restructuring in their media platforms.

Their attention is now more focused on their streaming service application—Disney . What this means is that they would operate much more like Netflix or Amazon Prime Videos. (Read more here…)

The American Struggle: Jacob Lawrence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Sam Ben-Heir

Probably, the most well-known African-American of the 20th century is a man named Jacob Lawrence. His art exhibition came to a close just a few days ago.

This is a timely event to conduct because, in the next following days, Americans will also vote for their leader.

The work of Jacob Lawrence is a reminder of the hardship the American people went through to achieve democracy. Therefore, it is a perfect mental note to bring before making your vote. (Read more here…)

How much do our genes restrict free will? By Hannah Critchlow

You might have heard motivational speakers saying that we are capable of achieving anything we wish.

Or we can be anything that we want to be. As inspiring as they may be, scientific studies revealed that this is not always the case. And that our genetic makeup may have a huge impact on our behavior and overall disposition in life. (Read more here…)

From psychopaths to ‘everyday sadists’: why people harm the harmless by Simon McCarthy-Jones

A sadist is described as a person who doesn’t feel remorse, or much worse, feel pleasured from humiliating or hurting other individuals. On the other hand, a psychopath doesn’t only harm others for the fun of it, but they also want to gain something as a result—most often, it is controlled. (Read more here)

If you want to read more fun facts of the day, then you have to check out this link!

Trump’s Helter Skelter by Alex Hinton

Current US President Donald Trump is falling behind the voting polls. Some experts believe that the transfer of power may not be peaceful in the case if Trump losses the election. Thus the American people are advised to brace their selves in case such an event happens. (Read more here…)

‘Extinction: The Fast’: Attenborough’s new documentary is surprisingly radical by Julia P G Jones

David Attenborough is probably the most prominent and authoritative voice in any nature-related documentaries for the past 70 years or so. In a new film by the BBC, he explores the states of our natural environment and how it would affect us in the future. (Read more here…)

The Public’s Business by Dani Rodrik

An article by Milton Friedman was published some 50 years ago. And it mentions the social responsibilities of business in maximizing their profits. Now, it has become what’s popularly known as the Friedman doctrine.

The United Nation’s Global Compact is advocating such a principle and persuading to join this cost. As of today, there are over 11,000 corporate signatories from 156 plus countries. (Read more here…)

China digital currency could revolutionize global payments by Daniel Wagner

Aside from China’s fast recovery from the current global pandemic, they are also making headlines for the topics in the past few months or so.

And what I am talking about is that the nation is progressively entering into a society of cashless payments. One of the popular applications the Chinese used is Alibaba pay, and We Chat pay. (Read more here…)

Destruction of Juukan Cave a loss to humanity by Sam Ben-Meir

Another news making buzz worldwide is the destruction of two Aboriginal rock shelters called Juukan cave that is aged at 46,000 years old. The rock shelters are torn down by an Anglo-Australian company Rio Tanto.

The ancestral sites are located in the Western Region of Australia. Vast information about our ancestors’ work and the story was believed to have been perished as well. (Read more here…)

When did we become fully human? What fossils and DNA tells us about the evolution of modern intelligence by Nick Longrich

There are still ongoing debates about the origins of humankind. Fossils found by archeologist and the human DNA suggests that Homo sapiens like us have fully evolved over 300,000 years ago.

However, other archeological finds suggest that tools, artifacts, and cave arts left by our ancestors suggest that they only started making them around 50,000 to 65,000 years ago. (Read more here…)

How a new solar and lighting technology could propel a renewable energy transformation by Sam Stranks

New technologies are being made once in a while and changing the landscape of our living as we know it. Some of the notable technologies in the past few years are battery storage and solar-powered electricity. It also has gone more affordable for the masses and environmental-friendly. (Read more here…)

Final words

Overall, I find the site a delight to read and very informative.

Facts and Arts are definitively the best places to go to if you’re truly looking for quality and enriching content.

Well, I guess that’s just about it!

I hope you enjoyed my fun and facts for the day! For random facts, you can read it here.


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