Interesting Facts about Super Bowl LV

No doubt that super bowl LV is the most prestigious event in the history of sports. But this time, it has proved to be the most historic event due to the pandemic. This time, the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers faced each other in the super bowl, and it was the first super bowl to be played out in the pandemic. Many things take place in the super bowl, like opening festivities, national anthem performances, and many more. But this time, everything came to a sudden standstill due to the pandemic. Lots of changes were made in the event keeping in mind the safety protocols given by the NFL. Consequently, learn about some of the exciting facts concerning super bowl LV


Facts about super bowl LV 

Huge fan following- The first thing you should know about super bowl LV is the fans. You would not have seen such fans anywhere except at the super bowl. The fans are so dedicated to sports and super bowl events that even the pandemic couldn’t stop them from attending the event. There will be halftime shows due to COVID-19. You must have heard the popular saying- the show must go on. The same applies to the super bowl also. No matter what, the event will take place but with specific changes here and there. 


Hosting by Tampa Bay- It is undoubtedly a big moment for Tampa Bay Buccaneers as they are hosting the game this time. It is the first team who have got the chance to play in their stadium. And this will be an added advantage for them. They will be able to enjoy their locker room facilities and others during the game. When no one predicted the Buccaneers to be in the finals, it came like a surprise. 


Face-off between crucial players- Many people say that it will be a competition between the key players of both the teams- Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. Tom Brady will be playing from Buccaneers, whereas Patrick Mahomes will be from the Kansas City Chiefs. Both are in the limelight because of the win which they secured in the past super bowl. There will be an added advantage to both the teams as both the players are best. 


Limited gathering- As everyone knows, there will be little gathering owing to the pandemic. The NFL already stated that only a specific number of people would be allowed in the stadium. Usually, the super bowl always goes full, and also the suites along with it. There is no single seat vacant even. But this year, it will be just 33% of the total capacity. Only lucky fans will get the chance to witness the super bowl LV live. 


No barriers for women- Earlier, there was no provision of women’s in the super bowl LV. But this time, this barrier has also been broken, which is an advantage for women. For the first time in the super bowl history, a woman will officiate the super bowl- Sarah Thomas. She will be enforcing the rules of the game. Along with this, she also served as the officiate in the NFL playoff game in 2019. 


Reduced time- Everything is changed these days due to the pandemic, and so is the case with the super bowl. The timings of the super bowl LV have been reduced. Instead, there will be a halftime show. The administration cannot afford to cancel the concert at any cost as it is the most talked over always. Usually, there are performances in between the events, but this time, a 12-minute performance by a rapper named, The Weeknd. He will grab the center stage for his performance to entertain the people out there. 


Cashless permit- For the first time in the 55 year history of the super bowl LV, it will be cash-free this time. The other sporting venues like Tropicana field have been following this trend for quite a long time. Now in the super bowl also, Cards and mobile payments will be accepted. 


Invitation for health care workers- In the wake of excitement for the event, one should not forget about the pandemic. Keeping in mind the pandemic, health care workers are also invited to the event this time. The majority of people present there will be health care workers only. It has been thought around the lines of giving thanks to the workers for their hard work during the pandemic. The other teams are also extending their invitation to the workers. 


The oldest starting quarterback- Tom Brady, will break his record as the oldest super bowl starting quarterback. 


Duet performance- The two singers named Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan are up for the star-spangled duet performance in the super bowl LV. Earlier also, there has been a duet by Aretha Franklin and Aaron Nelvile in 2006. 


Breaking age barriers- Bruce Arians has proved that age is no barrier when you have a strong will. He is the oldest coach that is 68 years old who will be making his debut this time in the super bowl LV. It is indeed a remarkable achievement for him. 


Final say

There is no doubt that lots of changes took place in the super bowl LV this year, but it has still kept the public lured like before. Change is the law of nature, and we should accept the change. 

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