Importance of Servicing Your Car or SUV

When you purchase a vehicle, you take up numerous responsibilities alongside. One such primary task includes taking the best care of your car or SUV. While many factors influence this, your attitude towards servicing your car is perhaps the most significant.

What is vehicle servicing?

If servicing is something that determines how well you take care of your car, it is vital to know what it is. In general, a service entails a thorough check-up of the vehicle.

How often should you get your vehicle serviced?

Every vehicle has different needs and so it is best to abide by the manufacturer’s instructions. As a general rule of thumb, for standard cars driven in moderate road conditions, an interval of six months is recommended.

What is included in a complete vehicle service?

Maintenance of all parts of a vehicle, both internal and external, is essential. While all of it comes under a service, special attention is paid to certain systems and components. These include the engine, tyres, fluids and filtration systems as they are most affected by day to day driving.

Why is getting a vehicle service so crucial?

All vehicles require a periodic check-up to remain in their best conditions. Let us find out why that is the case.

  1. Protection against mishaps

With regular use, damage, minor to severe, may be inflicted on your vehicle. While exterior faults can usually be spotted, internal issues need a maintenance check for detection. Getting a service identifies all such flaws and corrects them before they land you in trouble.

  1. Boosted performance

Any damage to the components of your vehicle has a significant impact on its performance. Topping up the fluids, changing the engine oil, etc., all contribute towards better car health. In turn, this improves the output, making your rides smooth and efficient.

  1. Better fuel economy

When you bought your car, you likely paid more attention to its mileage over its aesthetics. A well-serviced vehicle will have an efficient engine. Thus, the fuel consumption will be comparatively low, saving you quite a lot of money. 

  1. Longer life span

Servicing your vehicle regularly increases its resistance to harsh road conditions. Thus, it becomes more durable, making its parts last for a longer period. In turn, the longevity of your car also increases.

  1. Lower pollution levels

As a resident of this planet, it is your duty to protect its environment. Emissions from vehicles are extremely damaging to nature and degrade its resources. Thus, all motorists need to be aware of their carbon footprint. Servicing your car or SUV at regular intervals keeps the CO and CO2 emissions to a minimum. 

  1. Lower operation expense

Considering the fact that services are not cheap, this benefit might seem strange or ironic. But you should keep in mind that an improperly serviced car tends to break down frequently. A component replacement here or a repair job there can put a dent in your savings. A biannual servicing costs far less in comparison. 

  1. Higher trade-in value

When the time comes to sell or exchange your vehicle, you can bargain a higher price if it has a good maintenance record. Interested buyers are much more inclined to choose your car if it is in tip-top condition. And this can only be achieved through regular servicing. Thus, not only is your vehicle more likely to sell, but you also get a higher value out of it.

Final words

A vehicle is a complex combination of several elements that must function in unity to generate the best output. A Car Service Leamington Spa allows you to keep it in top-notch condition. Thus, the performance is optimal, and your driving experience is secure and comfortable.


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