Importance of Business Agreement Lawyers

February 21, 2022

If you’ve recently started a business, it is a good idea to have business agreement lawyers to protect your business. Running a business involves a lot of legal work. One has to abide by all the laws and regulations set up.

Business owners frequently enter into agreements with other businesses, clients or customers, employees, and other individuals or groups. While the same can be done informally, you should prefer to make those agreements legally enforceable to protect your interest. Agreements that have been carefully drafted and negotiated can assist smooth business operations and reduce the likelihood of future disputes.

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What do Business Agreement Lawyers Do?
Business agreement lawyers assist businesses and entrepreneurs in managing the agreements that are a crucial part of their business. Some of the agreements that can be drafted by such lawyers are:

1.Ownership agreements: Examples of ownership agreements are partnership agreements, shareholders agreements, founders agreements. These agreements define the rights and responsibilities of owners and partners. A lawyer can draft, review and negotiate these agreements for you that are customised to your needs.

2.Commercial lease agreements: There will be situations when you would want to expand your business by leasing the space where the business would be conducted. In such a case, you would require a lease agreement. A lawyer can draft this agreement for you that would be suitable for your business. A lease agreement specifies things such as the type of business to be conducted in the property, payment of utility expenses of the property and many such terms and conditions.

3.Supplier agreements: It is an agreement in which a seller commits to deliver all of the specified goods or services that a buyer requires. The buyer also agrees to buy those goods or services from the seller for the price and time agreed in the said agreement. A lawyer will define all terms in the supplier agreement such as the means by which the products are delivered, the amount of goods, payment terms, and any such detail that needs to be discussed to protect your rights and interest.

4.Independent contractor agreements: Independent contractors are temporary employees that are hired by businesses to do particular work. Content writers, web developers, accountants are examples of such independent crtranctors. Since they are not full-time employees, a lawyer can help you draft a contract to ensure no complications arise in the future.

5.Non-disclosure agreements: Many business owners don’t really know when and how to use a non-disclosure agreement. A non-disclosure agreement is used to ensure that confidential information about the business such as business plan, customer data, marketing strategies etc are not shared by employers to any other third party.

No matter how big or small your business is, you should always hire a lawyer to negotiate, examine, and draft agreements in accordance with the laws and your demands. Business Agreements Lawyers Calgary at Du Plooy Law have extensive experience in dealing with commercial agreements. Click here to contact them.

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