Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – Solving Many Health Issues and Delivering Benefits


Our bodies’ tissues require oxygen to function. The air we breathe contains 21% oxygen. HBOT involves breathing 100% (pure) oxygen in a specially designed room known as a hyperbaric chamber. Inside, the air pressure is boosted to a higher-than-normal level.

The increased air pressure in the chamber helps the lungs gather oxygen. Increasing the amount of oxygen given to tissues in need can aid in tissue regeneration and infection-fighting. On the other side, too much oxygen can be damaging to the body.

What is the purpose of hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Your body’s tissues require an adequate amount of oxygen to function properly. When tissue is wounded, it requires more oxygen in order to survive. The amount of oxygen your blood can carry rises during hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Even when the therapy is over, the brief extra high oxygen levels stimulate normal tissue oxygen levels.

How does HBOT function?

  • By providing oxygen-rich plasma to oxygen-depleted tissue, HBOT enhances wound healing. Wounds cause fluid to leak into the tissues and cause swelling by damaging the body’s blood vessels. Because of the swelling, wounded cells are deprived of oxygen, leading the tissue to die.

HBOT reduces edema while also providing oxygen to the tissues. The more oxygen there is in the blood, the higher the pressure in the chamber. HBOT aims to break the cycle of swelling, oxygen starvation, and tissue death.

  • HBOT protects against “reperfusion damage.” This is the severe tissue damage that occurs when blood flow returns to tissues that have been deprived of oxygen. When blood flow is disrupted, as in a crush injury, a chain of events inside the damaged cells causes the release of damaging oxygen radicals.

These chemicals can cause irreversible tissue harm. They cause blood vessels to tighten, preventing blood flow. HBOT stimulates the body’s oxygen radical scavengers to seek out the problematic molecules and allow repair to proceed.

  • HBOT inhibits the action of dangerous germs and enhances the immune system. HBOT can render certain bacteria’s toxins inactive. It also increases the amount of oxygen in the tissues. This aids in their resistance to infection. Furthermore, the therapy boosts white blood cell ability to detect and eliminate invaders.
  • HBOT promotes the creation of new collagen and skin cells. This is achieved by encouraging the development of new blood vessels. It also stimulates the production of certain chemicals in cells, such as vascular endothelial growth factors. Endothelial cells, which are necessary for healing, are drawn and activated by these.

Benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy

  1. Pain and Swelling are reduced:

HBOT has been used for purposes other than treating decompression sickness in deep-sea divers. HBOT can also help to minimize swelling in wounds, allowing oxygen-rich plasma to reach the site of the damage and speed up recovery. In deep wounds when the bone is exposed and the surrounding flesh is necrotic, this procedure also revitalizes good tissue.

  1. Improved circulation and blood flow:

HBOT both boosts the oxygenation of the blood and improves its circulation to oxygen-depleted tissues.

This therapy has also been shown to be effective in correcting blood poisonings such as carbon monoxide and cyanide poisoning.

Saturating the blood with oxygen aids in the quick removal of harmful gases from the body, minimizing blockages and the danger of significant health consequences.

  1. Blood cell formation and repair:

Angiogenesis is aided by increased oxygenation. This refers to the development of new blood vessels from the current vascular system.

New blood vessels promote healthy tissue growth by supplying nutrients to starving cells via the oxygen-rich blood that circulates throughout the body. HBOT improves the quality of oxygen delivered to open wounds such as diabetic ulcers, promoting healthy cell growth and tissue repair.

  1. Increases collagen production:

Collagen is essential for the health of your skin and organs. It is the most abundant protein in the human body. The majority of your connective tissue, including your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, is made up of collagen.

HBOT promotes the growth of collagen. This, in turn, improves recovery in patients whose skin grafts have become damaged or have failed entirely. It also aids in the healing of radiation damage to the skin that may develop after cancer therapy is finished.

So this is all about hyperbaric oxygen therapy. And why you should consult the best professionals before taking any treatment. Consult a professional for hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Florida and nearby areas, and approach them for this treatment, specific to your requirement

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