How to Steer Clear of Pedestrian Accidents

January 13, 2022

Pedestrian accidents happen every day and cause serious injuries. If you are a pedestrian and were hit by a car, you should contact the best pedestrian accident lawyer to get the best settlement. Also, below are some tips to avoid pedestrian accidents for drivers and pedestrians.

For Drivers: Drivers often are more able to avoid pedestrian accidents than pedestrians are. Also, Oregon and most states have laws that require them to use care to avoid pedestrians even if they’re in a place they shouldn’t be.
For example, pedestrians may illegally cross the street where there is no crosswalk. If you hit the pedestrian, they could be found partially at fault for the accident. But the driver still could face liability even if they don’t have full blame for the incident.

Some ways to avoid pedestrian accidents as a driver include:

• Don’t speed: Driving too fast leads to many accidents, including those involving pedestrians. You could be found liable for a pedestrian accident if you are speeding, even if the person was jaywalking. Speeding means you don’t have enough time to slow down in some cases.

• Follow the laws of the road: Clearly, you need to obey stop signs, traffic signals, and speed limits. When you stop, you should stop before you enter a crosswalk. And make sure your path is clear before you go through a crosswalk.
• Look for pedestrians at all times: You should look for pedestrians when you are driving, whether it is on the side of the road or someone crossing. Many pedestrians are hit while walking on the side of the road. You could be liable for their injuries if you hit them when they are walking next to the road, so use care.

And always remember that you should only drive when you have not been drinking. Any driver who hits a pedestrian and was drinking will face serious criminal and civil consequences. If you are a pedestrian hit by a drunk driver, talk to the best pedestrian accident lawyer right away.

For Pedestrians: As a pedestrian, you should take the following steps to ensure you are not hit by a car:

• Obey the law: You should only cross the road at a crosswalk and when you have the right of way. But if there is no crosswalk, you should wait to cross at an intersection with a stop sign or traffic light.

• Only use crosswalks in town: It’s important to only use crosswalks, so don’t cross in the middle of the block. If you do cross where there isn’t a crosswalk, you need to give the right of way to traffic. If you are hit by a car, you could be partially liable for the accident, which will reduce your settlement.

• Try to use the sidewalk: Not every road has a sidewalk next to it, but use it whenever you can. If there isn’t one, use the shoulder and walk as far away from traffic as possible. Many pedestrians are hit by cars when walking by the road, so it’s your job to avoid problems.

• Watch traffic: When you are walking near traffic, pay attention to traffic and not to your cell phone. It’s estimated that up to 10% of pedestrian accidents are caused by distractions on the part of the pedestrian.

• If you are walking at night, wear bright-colored clothing or use a flashlight so drivers can see you.
Pedestrians usually have serious injuries when hit by a car. So you should talk to the best pedestrian accident lawyer to ensure you get the best settlement.

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