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How To Set Up A Convenience Store POS On An iPad

When setting up a restaurant POS system, you’ll need this quick guide to help you ensure that all your systems are good to go.

Ideally, the best convenience store POS system is the highest quality software and hardware that provides all the functions and processing needed for the best customer experience. All the hardware components of the best pos system work together to speak through the central system or brain’s coordination. This brain is about the software.

It can only perform its functions through hardware, regardless of the capabilities of the software. As such, it is only by working together that the best POS systems can achieve their full potential. If you choose point-of-sale systems, you should get more money in your pocket. As a result, your sales process will be smoother and faster. When you think of point-of-sale systems, the first thing you imagine is a bulky system with a printer, a scanner, and a monitor attached to it. Indeed, until today, much cash remains traditional. But why not change things with an iPad POS?

Yes, you can use the iPad as your point-of-sale system by integrating it—no more investment in heavy machines. You can now amp up the glam quotient in your store and let customers check it out quickly and easily by setting up your iPad.

A Quick Overview To Setting Up A Convenience Store On An iPad

It’s easy to turn your iPad into mobile point-of-sale systems. Whether you want to use the iPad POS system in your store, restaurant, office, lounge, or on-site, there’s a simple solution for your business. It’s all about choosing the POS software and hardware that works best for your business.

What You Need

Credit Card Reader

Most of the iPad POS systems use Bluetooth and even Wi-Fi to connect to a card reader. The credit card readers are sometimes free, but these models are usually swipers that only read magstripes. You must at least plan to upgrade to a newer model with a chip reader so that you are not liable for fraud occurring at any point of sales.

The best card readers now have both EMV and NFC capabilities that allow you to remain compliant with the Chip Card Regulations and accept contactless cards and mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. Usually, these models cost less than $100. For example, Square, one of our top credit card processing picks that provide essential point-of-sale systems for free, offers a $49 contactless and chip reader.

iPad POS Mobile App

Most POS system vendors provide their own iPad POS apps, all the software features you need to run and manage your POS system. Typically, you can download the app directly from the Apple App Store. Some vendors offer to set up your app and equipment for you, but the setup only involves opening the app and following a step-by-step guide. Once you’ve done the basics, the app can help you set up additional features that make it easier to run your business.

iPad POS Device & Accessories

You can choose to have a fully functional POS system with just an iPad and a card reader, but some businesses also need other equipment, such as a checkout booth, cash drawers, and even receipt printers. If your business needs an iPad setup that resembles that of the traditional POS system, you can have a look at several options.

iPad Stand: If you want a static iPad POS system for your checkout station, you’ll need an iPad stand. The best iPad is powered by 360 degrees, making the tablet easy to turn to face customers who are signing or entering their debit PINs on your iPad. Some iPad stands are multi-functional, such as those with a built-in credit card reader for convenience.

Cash Drawer: If your business also accepts cash, you’ll need a cash drawer. Most iPad POS systems offer packages that include a cash drawer, but some also let you use any cash drawer you want from a third-party vendor.

Receipt Printers: The great advantage of using the iPad POS system is that you can send receipts easily by e-mail and sometimes by text. But you can also connect a printer to your iPad POS system if you want to print receipts. As with cash registers, most suppliers offer printers as part of a bundle of equipment. Some even allow you to use third-party printers, but you need to check with the vendor for compatibility before purchasing one.

Back-end Equipment: this applies mainly to restaurants. An iPad POS system that connects to your kitchen can save you a lot of time and frustration. For example, TouchBistro, our best restaurant POS system, lets servers take orders at the table using their iPad and then sends them automatically to the kitchen printer or kitchen display system.

As you consider peripherals for your iPad POS system, you’re also going to have to figure out what kind of connectivity your business needs versus what the vendor needs. Some iPad POS systems can only operate with an internet connection, while others have offline capabilities. Some iPad POS systems run strictly in an Apple environment and require you to use an Apple-compatible router.

Features To Look For In iPad POS Systems

The features of POS vary significantly from app to app. Some are very basic, with just a product catalog and checkout tools, while others are incredibly comprehensive, providing everything you need to manage your business directly from the mobile app.

Some advanced iPad POS systems let you manage sales, track inventory, run loyalty programs, and launch marketing campaigns. Other systems also allow you to schedule appointments, make reservations, integrate third-party apps such as your accounting software, and even keep an eye on your employees. Some vendors are more flexible than others, allowing you to pick and choose features individually to save you money.

Take your orders

Do you need a quick way for your business to record customer orders with little effort? With an iPad point-of-sale system, the problem of taking orders disappears. Watch your employees take customer orders down by pressing buttons on a few sample menus and interfaces. Navigation has never been easier than that.

Create your tickets

Tickets are communication points that can be crucial to your business workflow, especially for businesses like restaurants. With an excellent iPad POS solution, your waiters can create tickets and instantly send them back to the kitchen, reducing waiting times and eliminating handwriting or abbreviation confusion.

Menu customization

Running an ever-changing business like a restaurant means you need to make flight adjustments that can take effect immediately. Skip the legacy point-of-sale system updates and use a mobile POS system with advanced menu customization. Update your iPad menus and see changes happen immediately.

Inventory tracking

A great point-of-sale system can provide you and your management with live inventory updates on your tablets as you go about your daily operations. Don’t wait until the end of the day to evaluate the inventory any longer. Receive information in real-time so that you can make quick decisions accordingly.

Customer database

With an accessible customer database, you don’t have to wait to remember your returning customers’ preferences. If you have an iPad POS solution integrated into your business workflow, you can track customer preferences and payment history without any headaches. It can come in handy when you run a fast-paced, service-based business where customer preferences take priority.

It is always better to choose a POS system specifically designed for your type of business, in this case, convenience stores. If you read this article, chances are, you’re already looking for a point of sale solution.

In many ways, the best POS system for convenience store transactions is different from your traditional retail post system. Usually, they require a lot of detail, especially in inventory management and employee scheduling.

Good thing the top POS companies offer clients several options and configurations based on their specific needs.

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