How to Recognize Silk Velvet

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Show up in a silk velvet fabric and I will immediately recognize you as a classy person. This is because silk velvet is considered to be luxurious fabric as a result of its softness and characterized by a dense pile of evenly cut fibres which have a smooth nap.

It also has a beautiful drape and a unique soft and shiny appearance as a result of the characteristics of the short fibres. This may be quite noticeable but not everyone can recognize silk velvet thus the need to inform you on that.

  • Appearance

The lustre of silk velvet cannot be replicated as they are a dead giveaway thus making it hard to have imitations. It is highly regarded because of its shimmering properties that are recognizable from far. The triangular prism like structure of the fibres in it not only helps it to shine but also allows it to reflect light in different ways.

  • Refraction

 If it is a multicolored sheen, it can refract from different angles to produce a multitude of colors. With The synthetic fibres, the material will look like it is shimmering but in reality, it will only shine white no matter the angle of refraction.

  • Weave

This is not easy to tell as it requires some keenness. You are supposed to inspect closely the quality of its weave for you to determine whether it is silk velvet. Having been made by hand, it is susceptible to minor imperfections when weaving.

  • Texture

This can be carried out by feeling it with our hands. Silk velvet gives you a good and smooth feel when touched that is soft and also waxy. If you scrunch it up a bit in your hands, it produces a crunching noise.

  • Price

As we stated earlier, silk velvet is a very luxurious fabric and that is why they are not that common in many places. This is because they are a bit pricey when compared to other fabrics. This is because the production of silk velvet fabric tends to be many times costly compared to the production of other synthetic fibre. It is very unlikely to find someone with a full closet consisting of clothes that have been made from silk velvet but almost everyone owns  atleast a piece of cloth, could be a blouse or dress that is of silk velvet.

  • Ring Test

If you have any piece of jewelry such as a ring, glide a piece of silk velvet through it. It is likely to glide through smoothly with no issue and without you having to use force in pushing. Other types of fabric that are not silk velvet will end up getting caught on the ring or bunch up. 

  • Burn Test

This is not a recommended way of recognizing silk velvet unless you do have plans to destroy the whole fabric or a part of it.This is because the accuracy of the results cannot be doubted as it is a sure bet. When you burn silk velvet, it produces a smell that is similar to human hair and will also produce ash that is brittle. When the flame is put off, it stops burning immediately. Our sense of smell is very essential in recognizing silk velvet because other fabrics smell like plastic when burnt.


Considering the fact that silk velvet fabric is termed as luxurious, they tend to be a fixture of home décor as it gives it a dash of class. This is why the royal families do use a silk bedding sets as research shows that they help one to sleep soundly and peacefully as compared to when you use other types of fabric as a bedding set. These are enough reasons to make you acquire a piece of silk velvet fabric and experience the ultimate feel of classiness.

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