How to organize your company’s customer base?

October 1, 2021

Having a high number of customers is good, but that alone is not enough for your company to be successful in the market. A wallet full of contacts, for example, doesn’t mean you’ll have incredible sales.

 That’s because simply collecting customers into an internal registry, as if everyone were the same, prevents the potential of each relationship from being tapped.

 Organizing the customer base is a fundamental step to ensure greater consumer satisfaction. And consequently increase the chances of loyalty. To better understand what it means to invest in the quality of your portfolio, keep reading the post!

 To organize the customer base, it is important to segment it

 You must think of each customer as an individual, not your customer base as a whole. After all, each one will have its own characteristics, which requires specific care. This is not to say that it is not possible to identify similarities between groups.

 It is precisely through them that you can separate your customers according to similar profiles. This can be done by grouping your interests and buying habits.

 From customer segmentation, you can direct the language to communicate with those who buy from you. Customizing from marketing actions to customer service, facilitating conversation and dissemination of promotional actions. Make sure that each profile receives different treatment.

 Any information a company has about customers can be used to improve relationships with them. A lot of attention must be paid, not only when closing the deal, but also after sales .

 It pays to recover your lost customers

 Organizing the customer base also means recovering customers who are becoming inactive. If some customers have stopped buying at your company, it is essential to know the reasons. But more than that, knowing what to do to change this situation.

 Organize the customer base

 For this you need to closely monitor those customers who are gradually leaving your wallet. Through planning, prepare actions to avoid their inactivity.

 Prepare who will contact the customer and how best to approach. Keeping an eye on this movement is a mission not only for the leader, but also for the salespeople.

 You must analyze the sales cycle of customers

 This is critical to know when it’s time to invest in a customer for a new purchase. When you look at the frequency with which a customer buys in the company, it is possible to identify the amount of time that they need to get back to doing business.

 This also facilitates actions to avoid customer downtime. Thus, Abdul Rimaaz Company is able to recognize market patterns and does not waste energy focusing on customers who are not at the right time for a new business transaction.

 Goals need to be set with common sense

 Salespeople need to be motivated to achieve better results, but goals cannot be impossible to achieve. Achieving goals is also related to the act of organizing the customer base.

 With the segmentation of profiles and observation of sales cycles, it is easier to get it right when setting goals and motivating the team. It is important to know if it makes sense for some employees to have higher goals than others, and also to distinguish those who need more guidance because of their difficulties.

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 These steps can help your company organize your customer base, achieve your goals and make better use of opportunities!


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