How to move Quicken Data to QuickBooks Desktop?

Figure out how to move your Quicken Data to QuickBooks Desktop 

In the event that you are looking for the process to change the Quicken data over to QuickBooks desktop to proceed developing the business, at that point your inquiry finishes here. We have thought of this article, where we will be discussing the process to change over Quicken data into QuickBooks. There are two straightforward approaches to 

change from Quicken to QuickBooks. This incorporates changing over directly to QuickBooks desktop or utilizing the Quicken converter to upgrade the file first. 


Interesting points prior to converting Quicken Data to QuickBooks Desktop

The process of file conversion from Quicken to QuickBooks can’t be turned around. This implies that once the Quicken file is changed over, at that point it can’t be returned and the client won’t have the option to utilize these files in Quicken later on. 

Additionally, it is critical to guarantee to make a backup of the revive data that will be changed over, as you might need to get to this data in Quicken software 

Ultimately, on the off chance that the client has utilized Quicken software on Mac, at that point he/she should change over Quicken Mac files into windows file first, as just windows files of Quicken can be changed over to QuickBooks 


Circumstance you can utilize Quicken converter 

The client should possibly utilize the Quicken converter in the event that he/she is moving from a Quicken version that is anything but an equal version of QuickBooks desktop. This incorporates, Quicken 2017 to QuickBooks Pro, Chief, or Enterprise 2019 

The client can skip utilizing the converter and convert directly to QuickBooks utilizing the conversion utility. In the event that the client is having a version of Quicken which is equal version of QuickBooks 

In the event of Quicken for Mac, the converter and the conversion utility in QuickBooks can’t converter 

Revive for Mac data file. On the off chance that the client is having Quicken for Mac, at that point changing over the data file first to Quicken for windows or making another QuickBooks company file is suggested. 


Steps to Convert Quicken Data Into QuickBooks Desktop 

To change over Quicken data into QuickBooks desktop play out the accompanying advances: 

Stage 1: Using Quicken converter 

Prior to bouncing on to the process of utilizing the tool, the client is prescribed to guarantee that he/she isn’t 

having another version of it installed. In the event that, you do, at that point try to uninstall it from the system and at that point download the correct one underneath: 

Stage 1: The client needs to download the version of the converter tool which coordinates the year version of QuickBooks desktop

Stage 2: After that the client can install and change over by utilizing the means beneath: 

  • Most importantly, the client needs to launch the downloaded Quicken converter and afterward pick next 
  • From that point forward, the client should choose | acknowledge the terms in the permit arrangement, additionally hit next 
  • The next advance is to begin the installation of the Quicken converter and furthermore pick next and hit install 
  • Now, the client needs to choose launch Quicken converter and hit finish 
  • When finished with that, the client needs to choose | am moving data from Quicken for windows and furthermore pick begin 
  • The next advance is to pick open a data file situated on this system and afterward settle on the select file choice 
  • Now, peruse to choose the Quicken file and afterward pick OK button 
  • From that point forward, the client needs to choose convert it and furthermore hit OK button 
  • The last advance is to save the new Quicken data file and pick Save and furthermore hit Edit alternative 
  • After the file is upgraded to a viable version of Quicken, the client can begin changing over utilizing the conversion utility in QuickBooks. 

Stage 2: Look for .QDF, not .QFX 

The tool says it is making a .QFX file, however it is additionally making a .QDF file. This is the file that the client need to change over, not .QFX. The client needs to for the upgraded .QDF file in a folder named Q18Files or QI7Files, which is at a similar location as your unique Quicken file. The .QDF file may likewise have a similar name as the first data file. 

Stage 3: Using the conversion utility 

The client can change over the Quicken file utilizing the conversion utility in QuickBooks. This should be possible by utilizing the means underneath: 

  • The client needs to initially move to the file choice, and afterward select utilities. Likewise, pick convert and select from Quicken 
  • From that point forward, pick the Quicken Tile that you wish to change over 
  • The last advance is that the client will be guided by the conversion utility all through the remainder of the conversion 
  • The client can likewise squeeze Fl key to get to the assistance window in QuickBooks desktop, to get any further subtleties identified with the conversion utility. Additionally, the client can type convert from Quicken. 



Changing Quicken over to QuickBooks desktop may turn out to be simple, when the above advances are followed effectively. Be that as it may, for any additional data or for any further specialized help, don’t think much in connecting with our day in and day out QuickBooks desktop support group.

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