How To Make Sure Your Child Has The Best Medical Care 


Without Compromise


Ruhi being a new mom, now had new responsibilities along with her old ones. As usual, like any other day she was running a few errands, and also making sure her little one, Reyansh is having a sound sleep. As she was busy doing the laundry, little Reyansh had woken up, and being a joyous toddler, he started playing around. 

Little did Ruhi realised that he was just on the corner of the bed, and unfortunately, he fell off from the bed. A shocking moment for Ruhi when she heard him crying! She panicked and ran to Reyansh’s aid. He was injured badly. Then she took him to the hospital right away. 

But, fortunately enough, Ruhi and her husband had already bought a health plan for their child. So not only Reyansh was provided with quick aid at the hospital but also the medical expenses at the hospital were covered under the plan. 

The above-mentioned story could have been worse, if Ruhi and her husband had not bought the health insurance policy for their child. And since, they were at a beginning of their new life, they also did not have a lot of savings in their pocket. This explains why having a health insurance plan for your child can be crucial.


Why is Health Insurance a Must for Children?

  • Weaker immune system

It’s a known fact that children in their growing years have a weak immune system and hence their ability to fight diseases is low. So, whenever they fall ill or are diagnosed with any serious diseases they should be immediately hospitalized and given proper treatment. 

  • Children will be children

Since children are fearless explorers, they do not care about potential dangers in their everyday lives. Falling down during play, injuries during sports, being ill due to the weather changes, or sometimes even serious illnesses – childhood is full of ups and downs. 

Having health insurance that covers your kids can be a relief at such times. Not only does it allow you to get the best medical attention for your child, but also helps you safeguard your savings.

  • No compromise on quality healthcare

Lastly, but most important, be it our children or us, everyone deserves quality healthcare. By purchasing a health insurance plan, you can provide quality, affordable and timely medical treatment to your children. 

Remember, many health insurance companies have tie-ups with top-rated hospitals and in case of hospitalisation within the network hospitals, you can avail the benefit of cashless treatments as well!

Let us dive deep into the eligibility criteria before you make the final purchase. Have a look at the following:

Eligibility Criteria for Child Health Insurance Plan

The criteria for a child health insurance plan varies from insurer to insurer. But there are a few common factors that you can check. Below we have curated a list of some common eligibility criteria for availing child insurance plan. Have a look:

  • If you already have a family floater plan, then your new born will be covered under that same policy for about 3 months. 
  • After 3 months, you can add your child in your existing family floater plan by paying an additional premium amount. 
  • The maximum age limit for a child to be included under the family floater plan is 25 years. However, this also depends on your insurer (it may be 20 years as well).
  • There are certain documents that you are supposed to submit whether you are buying an individual health plan for your child or are adding him/her to the existing family floater plan. The documents are – birth certificate, maternity discharge summary, medical reports if the child is suffering from any health condition. 

In short,

It is advisable you purchase the best child health insurance policy for your children and get them the best treatment they deserve for their growing years. If you don’t have insurance yet, log in to Bajaj Finserv and pick a plan for your family that will benefit you in the long run. 

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