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How to make a resume for first job high school student

The prospect of creating a perfect resume for your first job after high school can be pretty terrifying. You are taken over by doubts and misconceptions and rightly so. Because what is your resume supposed to contain when it is your first time getting employment?  How should you be proving you have the aptitude for the applied position without prior experience? These questions would be haunting any high school graduate left, right and centre. But hold your horses, as we are here to allay every fear and doubt concerning your resume.

The first thing to understand here is that working as a professional is not the only way to be experienced. It is very likely that you have tons of work experience that you are not considering. Voluntary work, public service, or any other job you have done as a high schooler grant you skills. And these acquired skills are precisely what a hiring manager values. You do not have to be working at a similar position to be suitable for a post. Real employers seek candidates who have the necessary skills to succeed at the tasks set for them.

With that out of the way, we can now move on to the resume writing itself. There are some standards rules and structures to follow when you are writing a resume for any employment level. But of course, your very first one will prove to be tricky due to the lack of professional history. We have a compiled a complete guide to help you on this journey of a building a promising future.

Elements to include in your resume

  1. Informal work activities and experience

Any formal work experience like writers these days offering online assignment writing service for which you got paid should be included in your resume. If not, odd jobs such as dog walking, mowing lawns, shopkeeping, or more should also be mentioned. Even if you did not earn a regular pay from these jobs, they display your skill set.

Furthermore, it proves to the employer that you are trustworthy and  responsible employee. Since you wouldn’t have held many jobs as a high school student, draw upon all your life aspects. This will demonstrate your work ethic and values, potential, positive attributes, and talents required for job success.

  1. Emphasize your academic achievements

Educational accomplishments are the key elements of a high school student’s resume. Your academic background should be mentioned clearly in the beginning section of the document. If you have studied at a prestigious institute or a strong GPA, do not hesitate to include it. Any other honours, rewards, and certifications related to your studies should also be mentioned.

  1. Highlight leadership roles

Leadership qualities are held in high esteem by employers. A good team leader can do wonders when it comes to achieving workplace objectives. So make sure to mention if you held captaincy of a school team or presided over the student body. For each of the positions you held, also create a bullet list of your achievements and duties.

  1. Use the right words

When highlighting your contributions to society choose the phrases and diction very carefully. Hiring managers prefer candidates who have contributed positively to society one way or another. Go through your high school experience and search for accomplishments relating to academic, sports, clubs, or after school jobs. While describing them in your resume use appropriate words to create the right impression. Professional sounding terms like improved, upgraded, initiated, reorganized etc. can transform the way a hiring manager perceives you.

Tips for writing the resume

  • Create an outline

List out all the relevant experiences and achievements which can be included in your resume. Forming an outline before starting to write anything gives you a strong framework to work upon. You are free to brainstorm and write down the ideas coming in your head. Later on, sort it all out and organize the information into an outline. Once this is done you will end up not missing any points or adding irrelevant data in your resume.

  • Have a LinkedIn account

With the Internet becoming the prime source of data collection, employees reach out to it as well for applicant verification. Having an account on LinkedIn will automatically elevate you to an individual with a professional manner. It is a common practice to check out the LinkedIn profiles of candidates these days.

So, your account link must be included in the personal information section. If you are unsure of how to create an impressive LinkedIn profile, then just contact personal statement writers in the UK. They know exactly what the current marketplace trends are and will design your account accordingly.

  • Keep it precise yet engaging

A fresh graduate’s resume doesn’t need to be longer than a single page. But there are compulsory sections that cannot be skipped like experience and contact info. Every piece of information you include must be meaningful and should link together to form a bigger image. And that image should be of you being the ideal candidate for the applied position. Emphasize your skills and work attitude and make sure they match with the job requirements.

Writing a resume for the first time is difficult yet not impossible. Especially with the points, we have shared, you will face no issues in impressing your potential employer. Soon enough you will be landing an interview for the dream job you always wanted.    


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