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How to Install Windows 10 Step by Step

Learn how to install Windows, how to speed it up, clean it, and fix bugs


The system installation process itself is not too much of a problem for someone who “knows” computers or whose profession is closely related to their advanced use. For those who are not in this “sphere”, this is a problem, so they are forced to hire someone to do it for them. The purpose of this text is to explain as simply as possible the procedures and steps that are needed for that and in that way to bring this process as close as possible to as many people as possible.

Although today the offer of laptops and desktops with an already installed system is large, some models do not have an OS installed. Of course, most stores will offer to install the system when you buy a computer and operating system, and thus relieve you of that hassle. But what if you bought a computer two or three years ago that had a legal piece of software, and you need to reinstall the system due to overloaded viruses or something like that? In general, you can do this in two ways, by restoring the system to the factory state as when you first turned it on, or by classic system booting via USB media.

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