How to Fix QuickBooks Error 404 (Page Not Found Error)?

QuickBooks error code 404 is usually when working on the QuickBooks software. The main cause behind such an error can be if the software fails to sync with intuit services. This error can be seen when the user tries to send, receive or download the information for internal service requests from within QuickBooks to fetch from intuit servers. The interruption or failure of the internal service requests results in such sort of error.


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Factors causing QuickBooks error 404

The user might end up in this sort of error, due to the following factors:

  • The major cause can be if the system and bandwidth latency are the kingpins
  • Or if the dormant or unreadable components are present
  • Moreover, if the service request is rejected for an unavailable or expelled URL
  • Or the page or server doesn’t sync


Steps to resolve the QuickBooks error code 404

One can try to fix the QuickBooks error code 404, by verifying the bandwidth latency. The steps to be followed under this process are as follows:

  • The very first step is to open any of the frequently opened website in internet explorer
  • And then, if there is any lag opening a URL the internet settings. And then refresh the settings and try again
  • In case the user spots an error message stating “Page can’t be displayed” or “Connect to the Internet”, then turn off and on the wireless router or the internet switch and try opening the URL
  • However, if the URL still doesn’t open, then the user is recommended to contact the internet service provider
  • Now, restart the system and try again
  • Also, set the internet explorer as the default browser
  • The user should carry out these steps where the error has been occurred, in order to ensure that issue gets resolved


QuickBooks error code 404 can be fixed easily using the steps we have discussed in above. But if for some reason you face the similar error again and again, then ring up to our QuickBooks pro technical support experts at 1(844)405-0906, and they will ensure to provide you with immediate technical assistance.

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