How to Find and Implement a Cloud-Based ERP System for Your Organization

October 6, 2021

These days, organizations know how important the role of technology is in achieving their goals and objectives. To keep up with the fast-changing times and gain a competitive edge, they have to be able to do things better and faster. They also have to be willing and ready to adopt new and fresh strategies, such as a cloud-based ERP system, to take their efficiency and profitability to the next level.


Cloud-based ERP refers to enterprise resource planning or ERP tools that are run, managed, and hosted on a cloud platform by your vendor. It covers a wide range of features and functionalities, such as accounting and financials, customer relationship management, human resource management, order and inventory management, procurement, project management, supply chain management, and materials requirements planning.

If you are thinking of using cloud-based ERP software to help your organization become successful, here are some important things that you should do:

Determine the requirements of your project.

A cloud-based ERP system that works for one organization may not work for yours. From the start, you have to be clear about what your project is all about so that you pick one that can provide you with what you need. Define the scope of the project, and make a list of your requirements.

Evaluate your ERP system options.

Take the time to closely look at the available ERP systems. Carefully go through their specifications, features, and functionality so that you can identify which one is the most capable of delivering high-quality services to your organization.

Ask for references.

When shopping for a cloud-based ERP software system, do not hesitate to ask the vendors on your shortlist for a few references. That way, you can find out what their customers have to say about them, both positive and negative. If the vendors are unable to give you legitimate, satisfied customers, then they may not be worth investing in.

Create your team.

You should choose a project manager and team members who will be responsible for everything related to the cloud-based ERP software system. You should make sure that your project manager is someone who you can trust and rely on to manage a software system that your organization has majorly invested in; someone who has the knowledge, skills, and experience handling this kind of project. Furthermore, surround them with equally trustworthy and reliable people so that operations can go on smoothly and with minimal issues throughout the duration of the project.

Give your team time and resources to learn the new system.

While your team members may be familiar with ERP systems in general, your new cloud-based ERP tool may require them to invest a good amount of time and commitment to fully get the hang of it. Different cloud-based ERP systems come with different features, so undergoing training to get a complete understanding of how it works can help a lot in ensuring that it is used the right way and works as intended.

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