How to divide environments using planned furniture

February 28, 2022
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Interconnected environments are increasingly trending in modern apartments and houses. Mainly in smaller apartments, the use of furniture to divide the environments helps to take advantage of the useful area, in addition to improving lighting and air circulation. This solution presents, however, some problems regarding the distribution of furniture, which must be carried out in an organized and planned way, avoiding problems with circulation and the feeling that the area is confused and chaotic. Are you thinking about dividing environments without using walls? Check out some tips to perform this separation in style using planned Designer Furniture.

American kitchen

American kitchens, open to the dining or living room, are increasingly popular among United State, facilitating the routine inside the residence. The furniture used to divide the environments is usually a bench, which can be used for food preparation, or as a table, assigning stools or chairs to it. The counter, if used as a support for the kitchen, can also be a cabinet, housing kitchen items. Glass partitions associated with the benches can also be used. These allow the passage of light, and allow a more subtle division of the environment.

Dining and living rooms

Despite the similar functions of receiving and gathering people, it is important that, even without dividing walls, they maintain their individuality. For this, hollow or open shelves are ideal as furniture for dividing these environments. This type of bookcase contributes to the use of space, not isolating the environments, but creating a clear division between them. In addition, it is a functional piece of furniture, great for organizing books, documents, decorative objects and organizing boxes. Multifunctional benches can also be used to divide living and dining rooms, and can be used as a bar, for example. Sideboards are also great solutions for dividing rooms, being able, for example, to hide the back of a sofa, or simply indicate the separation of environments.


Especially in studio apartments, the division of the bedroom contributes to the creation of a more private environment, separating it from the rest of the residence. For this, wardrobes can be used, with sliding doors that save internal space, or furniture designed for television sets. Ideally, furniture should be optimized so as not to limit space and practicality for carrying out tasks. Screens are also a common way of delimiting bedroom space and maintaining privacy. There are several models of screens, creative and personalized, which give modernity to the environment.


In office environments, sideboards and countertops can also be used as a way to integrate the environment, and still maintain the division of different spaces. These furniture can also be used to store office supplies, contributing to a better use of space and organization.

The most important issue to be analyzed for the use of furniture as a way of dividing the environment is the organization of these, in order to favor the movement of people, and the performance of activities relevant to each environment. Thus, planned furniture is ideal as a way to enjoy and organize spaces, especially adapting to the reality of your residence and the necessary features. Meet Coley home, and check out how our solutions in planned environments can contribute to the division of your spaces without the use of walls!

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