How to Create Multi-Layered Tulle Petticoat for Any Occasion and Style?

June 7, 2022

I really admire vintage dresses, French couture designs, pearls, and fancy linens since childhood. Recently, for prom dresses and wedding gowns, I have introduced an exciting product line that inspires me to discover my passion for DIY outfits. 

I have seen my mother crafting artificial flowers, ornaments, bespoke dresses, and the list just goes on. Following her footsteps, I decided to make different types of tulle petticoats or underskirts for a princess costume, ideal for a special dinner party, prom night, wedding, or whatever the celebration. 

Wondering how to make a DIY tulle underskirt? Well, the process is pretty easier and I would love to share my creations of DIY tulle petticoat that is perfect for all occasions. So let’s begin!

1.       Rainbow Tulle Petticoat

This could be a fascinating project for beginners as it involves less sewing and is very easy to make. I had a multi-layered tulle underskirt in my mind and finally got the courage to work on the same.

Materials Needed:

·       Fabric of ½ meters

·       Dress net or tulle (3 meters of any color)

·       Thread

·       Elastic

·       Sewing machine

·       Paper clip

·       Scissors

Step-by-Step Instructions

1.       Take the skirt you’re planning to wear and note down its measurements. Divide the proportions by three, 1/3 for the waistband and 2/3 for the skirt.

2.       Cut a piece of fabric for the waistband and six pieces of tulle for the skirt length.

3.       Now double the waistband fabric over and sew the ends together. Fold the fabric, stitch it properly and repeat the same to make a channel at the top.

4.       Attach the tulle fabric and make sure to overlap each piece until you load the waistband with six pieces of tulle.

5.       Thread the elastic with the paperclip and tie a knot to create a waistband for the underskirt.

6.       To make a voluminous rainbow petticoat, repeat the procedure and add more layers of fabric in different colors.


2.       Gathered Petticoat Skirt

It feels amazing when layers of flounces are being attached to the bottom to achieve fullness for the outskirt. Here’s how I made a fabulous petticoat skirt for a classic dinner soiree.

Supplies Needed:

·       Rectangular fabric (5 inches)

·       Elastic 

·       Tulle or net layer

·       Thread and sew machine

·       Scissors


1.       Measure the skirt and multiply the fabric by 1.5 or 2 inches to add fullness. 

2.       Now cut tulle or netting into long strips of at least 6-inch width. Gather the top edge and attach the long strip of tulle at the top of the petticoat skirt.

3.       Use a thread for wide zig-zag stitches and join the ends together to make a tube.

4.       Keep the layer upside down and use more and more tulle for greater fullness.

5.       Either make a wide elastic waistline of ½ inch or make a regular waistband. Gather two rows of stitching together until the skirt achieves the same size as your waist measurement.


3.       Knee-Length Petticoat

For anyone looking to up their tulle game can try this basic knee-length petticoat. It is quite similar to previous underskirts with a few more steps and supplies like tulle and ribbons.

Materials Required:

·       25 yards nylon tulle

·       White elastic trim with sheer stripes

·       ¼ yard solid poly satin

·       Scissors


1.       Cut 24 layers of tulle. If you’re taking wide double-folded tulle, you will need to cut 12 times to get 2 layers every time.

2.       Make sure the top layer will be a little larger than your waist and slope down with a seam on each end. 

3.       Take 16 layers of tulle and gather it evenly. Hide the other 8 layers underneath for extra volume at the bottom.

4.       Now cut the strips of 8 inches tulle and sew them together.

5.       Stich the elastic band for the waist and attach it. Now the underskirt is ready to be paired with an adorable skirt and top with a pair of heels.

It’s time to Craft Elegant Petticoats at Home Using Tulle Fabric

For the days when you’re feeling all dreamy and want something gorgeous, a simple tulle circle underskirt is what you need to stimulate your mood. All these three DIY craft ideas turned out to be pretty good and I can see myself as an expert in sewing and crafting in no time.

Whether you’re looking for a fairy tale costume or gown for prom night, a classic dinner party, or any other occasion, you just need a few craft supplies like threads, fabrics, and strips to create a masterpiece.

I made a bunch of underskirts for my friend’s wedding and everyone loved them. Any little flower girl or woman would love to carry these fascinating full-skirted looks on any special occasion. I feel great that these tulle petticoats turned out to be very comfortable and practical for any kind of event, both casual and formal.


If you’re short on time, you can create a basic tulle overlay skirt. Or you can play smart with multi-layered tulle fabric for inspirational artwork. Ready to showcase your creativity?

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