How to Clean Your Vape Coil and Battery

November 25, 2021

A vape contains various components among them coil, battery, and tank consists of all. A coil is the heating element in a vape that converts e-liquids into smoke. Maintenance is key if you want to use the coil for long-term usage. Keeping your vaping device’s components clean ensures you get the maximum flavor on every stroke. Unfortunately, the vape coil exactly cannot be clean. It does not matter how clean your vape device is after using it for a while you need to replace your coil. Regularly changing your coil after a certain time is just like maintaining the vape. It does not matter how premium your vape is, the coil needs to be changed with time. The HQD vape is one of the premium vapes, you can buy it in bulk on HQD wholesale website. Have a detailed look at it as you can see a variety of HQD flavors . Vape coils cannot be maintained like the others two-component. Vape coil will ruin if you use any wet clothes.  If you wet the vape coil it will burn it out. Depending upon how often you use it coil needs to be changed accordingly. Coils are available in the market and it’s cheap as well. So changing it regularly doesn’t cost more. If your coil is damaged or crusted and visually dark then it’s time to change it.  Even after cleaning if you experience burnt taste then stop doubting and replace your coil. Leakage issue and decreased vapor production is another sign to change your coil.

Here is the process of how to change the coil? First, remove the tank from the vape device and then discard the remaining e juices from it. Now twist the coil to the left to unscrew it from the tank. Put the new coil and attach the tank to the device.

After maintaining coil cleaning and maintaining battery section is also important. Cleaning battery refers to the main chunky mod section of vape devices.  It’s not the actual battery inside of it. Make sure you don’t use water in the battery as it cannot be wet. The battery in the vape does not need to be clean. The main reason why it cannot be cleaned is that it contains all electronic component and water and electricity do not mix. . Soft clothes works for maintenance and stains can be removed. Also, make sure that you don’t wet your charging pots and bottoms. If you still want to clean the battery section simply wipe it down outside the mod if you want to remove residue and dirt.

Now you have an idea about maintaining the coil and battery. Now you can enjoy it for years keeping in mind the information I have shared. To maximize vape performance here are some of the tips you need to follow:


When you are not using a vape device store it in a safe location. Take care of your vaporizer when you are traveling. Note down the minimum and maximum levels of e-juices of your device. Never overfill the e-liquid nor allow your tanks to run dry. Always have the minimum level of e-liquid when you inhale it. One of the reasons for the lacking performance of vape is not keeping vape juice incorrect environment. Do not keep it direct to sunlight and heat-generating sources. HQD maxim disposable pod device is one of the e-cig which I recommend.

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