November 14, 2021

I enjoy every little thing concerning springtime, the blossoms, the warmer climate, the amazing evenings … with the exception of that yellow ache plant pollen! Every springtime, a thick layer of yellow plant pollen blankets every little exterior. It makes me sneeze simply thinking about it.


For the first time in my life, I actually have a screened deck. So, for the first time in my life, I needed to figure out how to clean the pollen off of it.


how to cleanse a screened porch – 

As you can see, below’s what’s on the porch– and all of it required cleaning (consisting of the pet dog, although that’s not covered in this post!):.


Sectional with cushions as well as pillows. We have the Arholma sectional from IKEA. The covers of the cushions are washable (although you can not place them in the dryer).



Sprayer or pressure washing machine– I used a sprayer like this yard pipe sprayer. You can rent or buy a stress washer (which my next-door neighbors did– I heard their stress washing machine going at the same time I was hosing away!), but a tube sprayer with a jet or spray setup will work fine.


Additionally, ensure you are putting on clothing you do not mind obtaining dirty and also damp! I wore my unclean garments and rainfall boots for this!




Similar to the majority of projects, prep work is crucial. Below’s what you require to do for the prep stage.


First, vacuum the carpet. Did I do this? No, I didn’t. However, in retrospection, it would have been a good idea to do before moving the rug off the veranda.


Make use of a shop vac for this if you have one, just so you do not obtain your normal indoor vacuum cleaner polleny (yes, I simply composed that word). If you do not have a shop vac, use your regular vacuum cleaner, but then ensure to cleanse it well after you’re completed de-polling (one more word I just made up). This vacuuming is not going to get the rug completely pollen-free; as a matter of fact, vice versa. 


As I said, I really did not do this. I attempted to tube the carpet down with the remainder of the porch. DO NOT do that! Trust me. And afterward, I needed to move the rug, which is MUCH larger when damp!


Trust me. Offer it an excellent vacuum cleaner and then roll it up as well as move it off the porch. Drape it over fencing or something else that can hold its weight. This is a much easier task with two people if your carpet is big.


Second, dust the ceiling fan. Do this as part of your prep due to the fact that the pollen from the follower will fall down onto whatever is below it. So cleaning the follower first suggests that you’ve obtained that off the beaten track and can tidy up whatever falls! To clean up the follower, you can use an expensive duster, or just attach a wet cloth to a broom (with elastic band) and also clean the blades down.


Third, relocate all soft surfaces off the patio. This means moving cushions, cushions, as well as, yes, the carpet. If you have a clean, non-polleny surface area, you can proceed and also take the covers off the paddings as well as wash them. I didn’t, so I simply laid them on the pathway by the veranda and did this later.


2. PIPE.

Get the hose and also the sprayer prepared! Beginning with the screens. Utilizing the “jet” or “spray” setup, start at the TOP of the screens and also spray them– use a back-and-forth movement and also make sure you obtain the whole display area. You wish to clean up these screens to ensure that the pollen doesn’t just blow off them, back onto the deck.


back patio displays – just how to clean up a screened porch – Pet dogs Do not Consume Pizza.

A tidy screen is a delighted display!

If your screens remain in poor form and you’re worried about spraying them, just make use of a softer setting on the sprayer, like “mist.” The key is to wash them off. You do not need to blow them away!


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