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How To Choose The Best Custom Kitchen Designer

A kitchen is the heart of every home. Hence, a well-designed kitchen must be a priority for every homeowner. Not all homeowners are well averse with the kitchen design elements. Moreover, each house is different and has unique requirements. Hence, one needs to hire a reputed designer for the best custom kitchens.

A competent kitchen designer will have the necessary experience to tackle the unique factors and avoid design mistakes that may cost a fortune in the long run. So, follow the tips mentioned below while choosing the right kitchen designer.

Tips for building a stellar custom kitchen.

  1. Set your goals.

Browse through a few general kitchen designs and select the ones you like for reference purposes. You must be clear about what your likes and dislikes are since it will greatly help the designer understand and conceive the final form in a better way.

Some of the goals may include the type of lighting, material for the countertop, chimney style, cabinet wood, etc. Creating a detailed list helps a designer join the dots and make sense of your big picture. 

  1. Creative ability

There is no one size fits all formula when it comes to custom kitchen designs. A regular kitchen designer may use standard procedures and blueprints for what type of countertops to choose with a specific cabinet style. 

On the flip side, a designer who claims to design the best custom kitchens has to use his/her creativity to give you what you want and blend various colors, appliances, furniture, floor work, etc. However, do not go by what the designer says. Ask for a portfolio of the kitchen designer’s work. If the designer is creative, his work will speak for itself.

Most top-level designers will even go as far as showing you 3-D visuals of the designs they will create for you before going ahead with the process.

  1. Experience is crucial.

Everyone has to start at some point. However, it is better if you are not one of the first few clients that a designer is working for.

A designer may have done the course and maybe technically sound. However, the practical implementation of the job is an entirely different ball game. One learns what to do and what not to do after years of striving to create the best custom kitchensOn the other hand, fresher kitchen designers charge much lesser. So, you might want to go in for a fresher if budget is a consideration. 

  1. Seek qualified professionals.

If you want a designer for the best custom kitchens, then you must hire a designer who is qualified for the job. Custom kitchen jobs are overly complex and require special training and credentials. National organizations such as KBDi provide kitchen designers with certifications such as the CKD Au.

A CKD Au certified designer has studied construction, electrical and plumbing technologies, and will adhere to safety and professional standards. A certified designer will know where to fit plumbing pipes, where to place the oven, and so forth. Hence, looking up a designer’s credentials is a must for a full-proof renovation.

  1. Track record

A kitchen designer who designs the best custom kitchens will have plenty of references. You may hire a designer based on the recommendation of a relative or friend. However, a reputed designer will be more than happy to have you speak to one of his previous clients.

Most top-level designers have their own websites. You may visit the site or conduct a background check on search engines. Read the testimonials and reviews offered by other customers and make your evaluation.

An experienced kitchen designer will have knowledge of products, manpower, and technical knowledge, and will guide you in making your dream kitchen a reality. So, use the aforementioned tips and find yourself an A+ custom kitchen designer.

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