How to buy or sell an apartment without an intermediary?

March 18, 2022
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To sell an apartment on your own and save about 5% on the services of a realtor, you will have to spend quite a lot of time and study a large amount of information.

Pre-sale preparation.

To prepare an apartment for sale without the participation of an intermediary is quite within the power of the average citizen.

You can also draw up a contract of sale yourself. It doesn’t even have to be notarized. However, you will have to take a legal express course. Otherwise, there is a risk of missing important details, which is fraught with the termination of the transaction – as a result, you will lose your money.

Legislation is constantly changing, and so are the lists and content of documents. This needs to be monitored almost online.

Views and negotiations with the buyer.

Showing an apartment and negotiating with potential buyers is a very delicate moment in the entire operation of selling a home. Wrong answers to any question postpone the deal.

How to talk with clients, which calls should be filtered out immediately, and who should be met in person, what words of yours can give the buyer reason to doubt the purity of the transaction, even if everything is in order with the apartment – the realtor knows, but you have to read a lot of literature.

But if you are an experienced negotiator or your job is sales, you will find it easier to deal with this stage of the transaction.

Mutual settlements.

When the buyer declares that he is ready to purchase an apartment, and there is an agreement on the price, this agreement must be consolidated. Sign a preliminary contract, in which you indicate the price, as well as the amount of the deposit that the buyer will give to the owner of the home.

This is a prerequisite, otherwise, you run the risk that your client may change his mind about buying your apartment at any time, as he found a more interesting option. And you will lose time and money.

The deposit is usually 10% of the value of the apartment. In the preliminary contract, you need to prescribe how you and the buyer will share the costs of the transaction.

You receive another part of the money due to you for an apartment when the transaction documents are sent for registration to Rosreestr. As a rule, this is 60% of the value of the object being sold. The rest you will receive when the registration is successfully completed. However, quite often the buyer refuses to pay until the transfer of ownership is registered.

The safest payment methods are through a safe deposit box or through a letter of credit. It is impossible to list all the nuances that need to be taken into account when selling an apartment. It is believed that only simple transactions can be carried out independently when there is one buyer and one seller. But the so-called chains – several transactions one after another, related to resettlement and congress, often involving mortgages, subsidies, and maternity capital – no longer fit together without realtors. However, any agent is sure that there are no simple transactions in principle.

Advantages of self-selling an apartment.

The main plus is that you will receive more money when selling than using the services of intermediaries. There are features on sale, but you will save 2-3 thousand dollars.

For a safety net and guarantee that everything will go right and safely, you can hire lawyers to support real estate transactions. This way you will sell safely and all the work will be done for you. With the remaining money, it is better to go on vacation to hot countries than to give this money to an ordinary realtor for services.

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