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How Shipping Boxes can Transport your Product easily and efficiently?

In case of transporting the goods or items, types of packaging and knowledge about the suitable boxes are essential for the safety of your product. The shape of the cardboard boxes must be following the size and shape of the items to be protected while shipping. If the size of such a box is not appropriate for example, if the size is big enough or small, then in both cases risk of damage is there. 

Custom cardboard shipping boxes are common in the packaging industry. There are multiple applications of slotted boxes. The flaps of the box must be of the same size and one half of the container’s width. This will allow them to meet exactly in the canter. Regular slotted containers are also of many types and shapes. For small packing, a full overlap container is useful.

 The wrap-around boxes are commonly used for the transportation of books. The benefit of a wrap-around box is the positioning of the product. Besides these boxes, the other question is how to choose the right type of shipping box for your products. It will depend on your business needs. Generally, corrugated boxes are used but what type. The other issue is carton style. The carton with the print of business name and name of the product is common.

 Regular slotted cartons are a standard box for everyone. The size and shape could be different for different businesses. First, you must know about the size of the product, then inside dimension and outside dimension will determine, how tight or spacious it is.

After choosing the type of boxes for shipping, the other question is how to reduce the packing cost. It is a common saying in the business that “packaging sells the product first time, but what’s inside sells the product second time”. In the long run, businesses use bubble wrapping to protect the products. The business organization spends money on package design to create their brand popular. Packing material is the waste of the money, which is spent by the business company.

This is another issue how to recycle the packing material. Fortunately, the business companies trying to reduce the cost of the packaging while maintaining the brand identity as well. Some packaging solutions or strategies exist to reduce the cost and time. 

Some factors contribute to the higher packaging cost. No doubt, the expensive packing material increases the cost of the packaging but also the poorly designed, long packaging process inefficient manufacturing of the boxes, and expensive shipping cost also increases the overall cost of packaging.

 It is an art and technique that without compromising on quality reduces the packaging cost. Such techniques or strategies may reduce the business cost. To reduce the cost of your product you have to take care of your warehouse space. Just in time manufacturing model, enable them to drastically reduce the inventory and freeing the space of the warehouse.

Smart businessmen keep eye on the innovation in the packaging industry, particularly, within your business sector. Packaging industries are investing in research to develop better quality and lightweight packing material. Such development reduces the cost of packaging. 

Avoid spending too much money, wasting time on fulfilment; try not to pay much money to ship for excess space and weight. Always standardized your systems and organize your warehouse effectively with custom printing and packaging. One way to maximize shipping efficiency is to standardize your packing material. There are many ways to make your shipping efforts more efficient. 

How to make shipping boxes efficient:

  • Shipping costs may affect the budget of the company. A comprehensive and cohesive shipping plan can help to save time and money. It can also improve customer satisfaction. Multiple factors are involved, and an effective plan will depend on the type of items, where these are located, and where the majority of your customers are based. That should analyse the number of shipments sends or estimated to send daily, weekly, or monthly, and then jump into the specific. 


  • When you have identified the details of your items, you are shipping, now it is time to do some research regarding the selection of carrier. Choosing the right carrier will save you time and money as well. It can help to maximize your shipping efficiency.


  • Take a look at your selling items and find out the best and cheap solution for how these will be shipped. If items are fragile then it requires corrugated boxes and a lot of other packing material like bubble material. To avoid waste of packing material tries to use eco-friendly packaging.


  •  Eco-friendly packing material is recyclable. Such as are pillows and packaging peanuts etc. If your standard size is too big or too small then consider a custom box design. These custom boxes can fit your product perfectly. 


  • Once you have done everything and now the consignment is ready for shipment, consider the logistics cycle to maximize efficiency. Another step to consider is what process you can automate. Your carrier can advise you better. Communication with your customer can save you a lot of time. 

Efficient delivery management saves you hours of manual work; it can reduce human error and increase customer services. Efficient management may speed up the warehouse routine work. The business organization must automate its system through rules. Your postage boxes policy should be clear and available on your website. Develop an integrated system of work. Under this system pick the order faster and pack shipment faster.

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