How Often To Check The Alignment Of The Wheels?

October 29, 2021

If you have landed here, you must have had a misalignment accident in the past or are trying to fathom the concept of alignment of wheels and their importance. Well, fret not because we are here with all the information about wheels that you need to know. 

The wheels of your car are one of the most important parts for their functionality. The wheels are the ones that obey your order to take you in the direction that you want. Therefore, you might understand the weight that it carries. If you have any problem or suspect misalignment of your wheels, contact Wheel Alignment Sutton in Ashfield. They can take care of your issue without a smidgen of doubt. 

Checking the alignment of the wheels is essential. This helps to check whether the wheels are in perfect harmony with each other to properly carry out the functions of the vehicle. Having properly balanced wheels are a must to have a vehicle function to its highest potential. 

Often when you do have a misalignment you can tell by looking at both the wheels from different angles. They will look different in their position. It is however an easier tell if you ride the vehicle and see how it feels.

If you have the right information and find a road with no traffic, then you have a good chance of safely identifying any misalignment in your wheels. Some of the common symptoms that you will find are:

Wandering off

Start the car and go a certain distance in a straight line. Now keeping some space in front of you, let go of the steering. You will see that the vehicle tends to divert in one direction. Either of the two directions will mean that your car has toe misalignment. 

In this case, if you are on the highway and driving at a very high speed, you will realize it more. One of the wheels will give you the sensation of pulling to one side. It is very tough to keep the balance and maintain the direction and speed of your car all at the same time. The toe misalignment is a term used to refer to the angle that one of the car wheels makes with the other wheel. This misalignment is extremely common and is seen in many cars. 

Although it is common, it is quite a problem. Say you were driving, align the highway and the second you leave the steering it goes off the lane and hits another perfectly innocent car. Therefore, it is not safe nor is it advised for people to be driving around the misaligned wheels of a car. 


Because of the misalignment of the wheels, the vehicle would have wheels in contact with the wheel well, at many angles. When a rotating tyre touches something or brushes against something, however lightly it may be, the car will vibrate. You will notice this vibration only when driving. 

The steering

A very good tell of the misalignment of the tyres is a dysfunctional wheel. 

When you turn a steering wheel, it must come back to its original configuration. This means when you turn the wheels to the left or the right, ideally, the steering wheel, when you take your hand off of it, will get back straight. If this is not happening then the wheels of your vehicle are biased in one direction or the other. 

To answer your doubt of how often you should be getting your car’s wheel alignment checked, the answer would be every two to three years. 

That is an ideal time frame, you might need it sooner or more often based on what type of treatment your vehicle receives. 

If your vehicle travels a lot on bumpy roads, then it is best to have the alignment checked more often. Due to large bumps on the road, the tyres are sometimes under a lot of stress which might make them lose their proper alignment 


If you have any more issues with your car, or would just like to get their alignment checked, contact Wheel Alignment Sutton in Ashfield. They can help you out with any problems regarding your car.

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