How much you should consume on Jewelry Repair

You have that piece of jewelry you love and wear quite often. With time, it wears out and breaks. In most cases, people choose to take their precious jewelry for repairs. But have you paused and thought of how much you should spend on jewelry repair? It is a crucial question that you should think of before seeking any jewelry repair services. There are a few rogue jewelers that take advantage of an ignorant customer. Also, some jewelers quote too low to attract customers, then end up doing a shoddy job. 

There are different types of repairs. Each of them costs you an additional value. However, it is good to have a rough estimate of what you might spend at the jewelry repair shop.  


Cleaning and Polishing

You need to take your jewelry pieces for professional cleaning and polishing at least once per year. However, it would help if you did not keep your jewelry with dirt until you take it for professional cleaning. Use the advised methods to clean your jewelry pieces to prolong their life and luster. If you are taking your jewelry piece to the same shop you bought it, you may get the polishing and cleaning for free. You can also have complimentary services in any other shop if any repair is done. If you only want cleaning, polishing, or both, you should spend a maximum of $50. Your piece will have an excellent ultrasonic bath and steam cleaning. The cleaner will use a mild detergent that will not harm or damage your jewelry’s metal and stone. If your jewelry has a simple design, you can pay as low as $20. But with the complexity of the jewelry, the cleaner can charge you up to $60.


Resizing a Ring

Ring resizing is the most sought after jewelry repair service. With the demand for the service, the prices may be higher than you expect. However, it is a necessary repair for a ring. Maybe you got it for engagement, but it is loose or tight. Thus, you need resizing so that it can serve its purpose. It is not easy to replace an engagement ring since most of them are custom made. 

Several factors will affect the cost of a ring resizing. First is the type of metal. Some metals are easy to cut and bend. Others are delicate and require specialized care. Another thing is the number of sizes the ring needs to be adjusted.

The cost ranges from $30 to $200. All these depend on the complexity of the task and the metal involved. However, some materials can never be altered since they break easily. Your jeweler will advise you on the same. Besides ring resizing, there are other types of ring repairs. Some are covered below, while others are not. However, the cost of repair should never exceed 30% of the initial price of the ring. 


Replacing a Clasp

Necklaces and bracelets usually have a clasp to hold the jewelry in place. This vital feature can send you to the jewelry repair shop at any time. The clip is typically delicate, and any amount of sudden pulling can cause it to snap or break. 

You can handle the clasp replacement at the hole if you have the tools. It is the most comfortable jewelry repair that you can have. If you choose to do it at home, you will incur a cost while purchasing the clasp. The clasps exist in many designs, qualities, and materials. Thus, they are at different prices. Go for the best and most potent of all.

If you replace the clasp at a jewelry repair shop, you will find anything between $12 and $250. The basis for the broad price range is the design and the quality of the clasp. Also, some metals like platinum are costly.


Soldering a Broken Chain

Nearly all necklaces have links. If they are metallic, they are likely to resemble a chain. Sometimes the links on the chain break and need repair. A jeweler uses fire to solder the chain to its original shape. The price of soldering ranges from $20 to $230.

The type of metal and the location of the fault advice on the amount the jeweler will charge you. 

If you have a simple gold or silver chain, the maximum you can pay is $35. However, if your jewelry broke at a hinged joint, you will pay a minimum of $55.


Resetting a Stone 

Most of your jewelry pieces are adorned with gemstones. The type of stone and the size and state of prongs determines the price of resetting the stone. This jewelry repair is essential because when you lose a gemstone, the jewelry will never be the same again. 

A round-cut diamond will cost you between $35 and $150 based on the carat weight. Other fancy cuts will cost you between $55 and $180.

There is another stone beside a diamond that may need resetting. The prices depend on a variety of factors. However, the cost should not exceed $90.



Jewelry repair is crucial as it gives your pieces a new life. With this knowledge, you can create an informed choice on the jeweler to handle your repairs. Also, be wary of cheap maintenance as they may damage your jewelry piece. 

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