How Much Does Coolsculpting Cost on an Average Person?

Be it any cosmetic treatment; the cost is the deciding factor whether people will avail it or not. Numerous cosmetic treatments are available these days to cater to the different needs of people. And one such need emerging these days is fat loss treatments. People have become so occupied in their lives that they hardly get time to look after their health and physique. Consequently, weight gain has become a problem for many, especially girls. Also, it has become a hindrance to people’s beauty. Back in time, people resorted to natural remedies for treating such health issues, but now cosmetic treatments are available, which provide instant results. Unfortunately, the one thing that worries people while opting for such treatments is the cost. Let’s discuss coolsculpting costs in detail. 

About coolsculpting 

In simple words, coolsculpting refers to the body contouring procedure that freezes the fat cells in your body and ultimately melts the fat away. But before going for coolsculpting treatment, keep this thing in mind that it is meant mainly for people who have stubborn fat in their bodies. Besides this, many people think that the expenses of coolsculpting will be covered under the ambit of health insurance, but it is not so in reality. This is because it is not a medical necessity but is meant for people’s beauty purposes. Consequently, the person availing of the treatment has to bear all its costs. 

As far as coolsculpting cost, it ranges between $2000-$4000 and that too per session. Rest if seen overall, the cost depends on various factors like the area being treated, your surgeon’s expertise, the location from where you are getting the treatment done, and the other things. The majority of people need only one treatment per area. But some people also need to follow up treatments to sustain their results. In this case, the costs can go up. Let’s know more about the coolsculpting cost according to the different body parts. 

Coolsculpting cost for arms 

You can also avail the coolsculpting treatment for treating the stubborn fat around your arms. If the stubborn fat area is smaller, it will cost you around $650 per session and arm. In case you are getting both the arms treated, the coolsculpting cost will go up to $1300. The time taken for treating your arms will be around 35 minutes. Here, most people will need only one session to get the desired results. 

Coolsculpting cost for stomach 

One of the most frequent areas being treated by coolsculpting is the stomach. The Belly area is the one area that most people get treated often. No doubt, that coolsculpting is the best option to get it fixed. There might be excess fat deposited around the belly due to age or life events like pregnancy. This makes it difficult to lose fat from there. Fortunately, there is effective treatment such as coolsculpting. You can expect the coolsculpting cost for stomachs around $1500 per session. If the fat is in excess, it may take around two sessions also. The time taken by the treatment can range between 35 to 60 minutes. Though its results are permanent, people still wish to have follow-up sessions for the surety. 

Coolsculpting cost for thighs 

Having fat around thighs is not something new. It is usual for people to have fat deposited near their thighs. For outer thighs, the cost can range around $1500, whereas, for inner thighs, it is about $750. If you are getting both legs treated, it will go up to $4000 or more, depending on your dermatologist. 

Recovery time 

To witness full results will take around four to five months as it is a time-consuming process. There is no need to worry if you notice redness, numbness, or any scars after the treatment, as these are temporary side effects and will not last for long. The best thing is that it won’t require you to take some days off your work as the recovery is pretty quick. 


One must have one face-to-face consultation with your dermatologist regarding the coolsculpting Los Angeles according to the area you wish to get treated. 



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