How Much Does A Playground Cost?

Playgrounds are not only a fun way to keep children amused, but they’re also good for their physical and emotional growth. The essential factors to consider are the number of children that will use the playground equipment, the overall size of the available play space, and the playground layout.

Before you start searching for new playground equipment, you should do a comprehensive assessment and analysis of your current playground. You’ll need to think about things like your budget, the area you’ll be working with, and whether the playground will be for public or private usage. Also, consider if you’ll do it yourself or employ experts, as well as safety and permissions.

To help you, we’ve provided the typical cost of constructing a playground, as well as a breakdown of the anticipated expenses.

Average Cost of Playground Equipment

Before heading out and shopping for playground equipment, you should first decide how much money you have to spend. Based on the overall condition of your playground location and the types of services you may need, you may need to evaluate much more than just the cost of playground equipment.

If you have a limited budget and can’t complete the project simultaneously, consider doing it in stages. Start with the essential pieces of equipment. This will enable you to work on a tight budget without compromising the value of the equipment you buy.

The number of kids who will use the playground equipment will determine your playground expenditure. On average, you must set aside $1,000 per kid in your budget. The expense of playground equipment ranges from $8,000 to $50,000 on average. The cost of a bigger, higher-end building may range from $50,000 to $150,000.

Playset Breakdown of the Costs 

Playset Equipment

Making a design choice can help you fulfill your child’s needs and wants. Each playset is one-of-a-kind and will meet the particular needs of your children. Plastic, wood, and metal are the three most popular materials for playsets.

Plastic is the least long-lasting and most costly to install. The wood is tough and can withstand a lot of abuse. Metal playsets are the most durable. However, they will get heated if exposed to direct sunshine. As a result, professional touch-ups may be required.

Swings, slides, outdoor climbers, and adolescent sections are among the most common playground equipment items.

The most expensive section item on a playground budget is typically playground equipment. Consider using high-quality materials from a reputed manufacturer to guarantee that your playground will endure decades rather than years. A well-constructed playground system will cost 50-60% of your entire expenditure.

Playset Installation

Processionals may purchase pre-made playsets to construct. Installing a pre-made playground is more expensive, but it is safer. Custom-made playsets are less expensive, but they require more work and are not always secure.

A specialist may not be required unless significant work to level the land is required. The majority of playground sets are simple to put up and take just a few hours to complete. Typical playset installation fees, according to ImproveNet, range from $100 to $900, based on your area and the complexity of the structure.

The installation will take up about 20-35 percent of your playground expenditure. It’s essential to hire qualified installers to ensure that the equipment is placed correctly and following national guidelines.

If you ask your playset supplier to help with a volunteer or community build, you may save money at this stage. A trained installer is on hand to educate and help volunteers in this situation.

Playset Area Preparation

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When putting up a playground, make sure the ground is level and free of rocks, roots, and trash. The field will next be compacted in preparation for the playset’s foundation. All of this is costly.

Children need something to sit on or an anchor for a playground to be safe. Wood chips, pea gravel, sand, rubber tiles, and grass are some of the choices. The grass is the cheapest of all since it grows in your yard and is readily accessible. Rubber tiles are the most expensive, but they’re the safest, particularly for children, and they don’t need any upkeep.

Before you begin, double-check if the playground and park amenities are in the most suitable and acceptable place. Ensure you have adequate open space for your playground and even a safe play-protected area in your yard. The majority of manufacturers recommend 6 feet on all sides. Plants, pavers, stones, lawn decorations, and other similar items should be removed.

The preparation of the location for installation will consume a significant part of the playground budget. This may be a significant expense if you’re removing an old playground or need a lot of surveying or site leveling. Drainage, playground surface, landscaping, and fencing are all costs that must be included in your budget.

Playset Shipping Costs 

The final cost will include taxes and delivery, accounting for approximately 5% of the budget. Professionals that install playsets and commercial swing sets charge based on the kind of playset, the type of foundation, whether the playset is pre-made or custom-built, landscaping, labor, and permits. Moving most swing sets costs between $200 and $300.

Shipping and freight expenses may account for 5-15 percent of your budget, depending on your location and distance from the manufacturer. Early on in the process, discuss the cost of shipping with your playground designer so you can budget for it.

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