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Tuesday 5th December 2023
How Much Can You Get In A Car Accident Claim In Portland
By Owen Smith

How Much Can You Get In A Car Accident Claim In Portland

If you were hurt in a Portland car crash, the first thing you may wonder is how much you can get in a lawsuit or settlement. Learn more below about what you can get in a claim or lawsuit, and talk to an accident attorney in Portland for more specific information.

                                                                                                                       First, determining how much you can get in a car accident claim or lawsuit depends largely on one thing: the degree of your injuries and related damages. Suppose you are hit head-on in a car crash and have neck, back, and head injuries that require surgeries and two weeks in the hospital. Someone with this degree of injury and medical care will have significant lost work time and pain and suffering, as well as plenty of medical bills. The settlement value for a serious injury case such as this could be in the six figures, and if it goes to trial, it might be even more (there are no guarantees, however).

On the other hand, if the same accident only broke your arm and wrist and no surgery or hospital stay was required, your settlement value will not be as high. You do not have as many medical bills, lost work hours, or the same degree of pain and suffering, so you would probably get less money than in the more serious case.

Second, liability for the accident is a huge factor in how much money you ultimately receive. Suppose another driver in Portland T-bones you at a busy intersection and breaks your hip and arm. If the accident evidence shows for sure that the other driver was entirely at fault that will be a significant factor in the compensation for the case. Accident evidence that your accident attorney in Portland will look for to prove liability includes eyewitness testimony, video footage, tire marks, the police report, cell phone records, etc.

                                                                                                                  However, if you are in a rear-end accident and your brake lights aren’t working, this means fault could be shared. Perhaps the insurance company will argue you were 30% at fault for the rear-end crash. In that case, you would probably get less money for your injuries and damages. It is vital to have an excellent accident attorney Portland fighting for you when liability is questioned. If the insurance company can assign more blame to you, you will get less money, so the attorney you choose is important to your case.

  1. Another factor in your ultimate compensation is how much work time you missed. If you fractured your spine and missed six months of work, this will increase what you get for lost earnings. Also, if you have a reduced ability to earn a living because of a serious injury, this will result in higher compensation. Your attorney will likely bring in an economist and possibly a vocational expert who can testify about how your injuries affect your salary and ability to work in the future.

Also, how do your accident injuries affect your daily life? If you have trouble walking, standing, and taking care of yourself because of the injuries, you will probably get more money for your losses.


Last, the settlement amount or award will depend on the type of medical care your medical providers give you. Not all medical services are viewed in the same way by the insurance company. For instance, if you have surgeries to deal with a neck injury, this type of treatment will be viewed more charitably by the insurance company than if you get chiropractor treatments. Insurance companies value treatments performed by MDs more than what they consider lesser medical professionals. 

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