How Much Biotin Should I Take

October 27, 2021

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that is produced in the human body by the digestion of dietary proteins and needed for growth and maintenance of healthy hair, skin, liver, and nervous system. In recent years, biotin supplements have been proposed as a way to lower cholesterol levels. In this article, we will discuss what biotin is and how it can be used to help with heart health.

What is in biotin?

Biotin is a water-soluble, essential amino acid necessary for metabolic processes in the body. It helps in energy production and contributes to healthy cell growth. The recommended daily dosage of biotin is 300 milligrams for adults

What are the benefits of biotin?

Biotin is a B vitamin essential to the manufacture of biochemicals, such as fatty acids and cholesterol. Biotin capsules makes it necessary for brain functions as well as blood sugar control. It also helps to maintain healthy skin and nails. Most people are not aware that biotin is required for blood sugar balance. They may have low levels of biotin which can cause them to be sensitive to sugar. Biotin is only found in animal products, so vegetarians are at a disadvantage when it comes to maintaining healthy levels of biotin in the body.

Why is biotin good for hair growth, nails, and skin health?

To grow hair, nails, and skin health, you need to make sure you are getting sufficient amounts of biotin. The best source for biotin nutrient is vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, spinach, asparagus, and potatoes. You can also find it in eggs or milk products. To get the most out of your biotin, consume foods rich in it. To learn more about biotin and how to use it for hair growth , read on.

What are some ways I might be deficient in biotin?         

If you have a family history of hair loss, anemia, or skin problems such as acne, dermatitis, and rosacea, you may be deficient in biotin. Some other signs that you may need more biotin in your diet include brittle nails and/or dry skin. Are there any harmful effects of taking biotin? As with any dietary supplement, it is possible to experience a variety of side effects when taking biotin. Side effects can include gastrointestinal upset such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Some side effects may be serious enough to cause the person to stop taking biotin, but in most cases they are mild and easily managed. It is important to tell your health care provider before you begin taking biotin if you have any serious side effects or health issues. How should I take biotin?

How much should I take?

For the most part, the general guideline is that if you are not already taking a daily multi-vitamin, then you should take 100mcg. You will want to follow the product’s guidelines for proper dosage. If you take more and get sick, you will want to stop taking it and follow your doctor’s recommendation.


I recommend taking the Generic brand of Biotin once per day for 10 days before moving onto the 100 mcg pills.

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