How long does it take to study for Canadian Security Course?

September 26, 2021


Most Canadian Security Course require a grade of 60% to pass, a few exceptions do apply. Please refer to your course page for more information.


The final grades for in-class seminars and courses may be fully or partly based on participation. Participation may include attendance, online work and/or assignments. Assignments are considered optional and do not count towards your final grade.


  • Students in the Professional Banking Program (PBP) must submit their specific assignments.

  • Students who wish to be granted advanced standing to the Dalhousie University MBA (Financial Services) program must complete a set of ‘unique assignments’ identified as the Dalhousie MBA (Financial Services) stream in order to complete their course(s).

Canadian Security Course courses are regularly updated, even while you are enrolled in the course. Generally these changes do not affect the exam questions. If new content affects the exam, dates will be posted as to when the changes come into effect in My CSI as well as in your online course. If you do not wish to be tested on the new content, you must write your exam(s) before the posted date. Please remember to log in to My CSI regularly throughout your course enrolment to check for any updates that may impact your exam.

Sometimes a major regulatory change or re-evaluation of proficiency standards results in changes to the content, exams or assessment. If this happens, you will be notified at least three months prior to the effective date of the changes. You will have an opportunity to book your exam and complete the course before the new course materials and changes come into effect.


Access to your online materials will close 2 weeks after successful course completion or course expiry (whichever comes first).  CSI recommends that you save a copy of your online materials prior to course completion.

The majority of job paths on our Career Map don’t require registration with the CSC, as they don’t involve the direct buying or selling of securities.

For most CSI courses, you may attempt an exam a maximum of three times during your course enrolment period, including any extensions you may have purchased. A few exceptions do exist; please visit your course detail page for more information.

If you have completed a course in the past and would like to take the course again, you can re-enrol in the course at any time.

However, if you’re enrolled in one of these courses and have attempted and failed an exam three times during your course enrolment, your enrolment will be terminated and you will need to re-enrol in the same course. You are eligible to re-enrol in the course six months from your last exam attempt.


How hard is the Canadian Securities Course?

Other good news: the exam is 100 questions, you only need 60 to pass. You don’t lose any mark if you make a mistake. CSC is a great preparation for CFA Level 1 which is also a good thing. Best of Luck and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help!

GuAccordingly, how much does it cost to take the Canadian Securities Course?

With a starting cost of $985, the Canadian Securities Course is a large investment.

Similarly, should I take the Canadian Securities Course? Benefits of the Canadian Securities Course You’ll be able to advise others (or make a difference in your investments) with a deeper understanding of financial markets and products and will also gain more advanced financial advisor skills. Many people have attained great success after taking the CSC course.

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