How long does an eBay account suspension last?

Here’s some data on the regular ramifications for every suspension type. 

ID confirmation suspensions 

You will stay suspended until you give the documents that eBay mentioned to confirm your ID. 

VeRO infringement and thing encroachments 

The sort of suspension you get will for the most part rely upon a) how genuine eBay considers the offense, and b) in the event that you’ve defied a similar norm previously. 

Selling fake/replica products 

Selling fake merchandise is viewed as a genuine offense by eBay, and in any event, doing this more than once could bring about your record being for all time suspended. 

Utilizing reserved pictures, logos or substance in your postings 

The outcomes can differ, yet as a rule, it goes as follows: 

In the event that it’s the first occasion when you’ve recorded something with a brand name/copyright, you may simply get an email cautioning and the evacuation of your posting. 

In any case, in the event that you keep on defying similar norm later on, the results will in general get more genuine. eBay may suspend your record for 3 days, at that point for 7 days, at that point for 30 days and on the off chance that you are as yet defying the norms you can be forever suspended. 

Posting refused items

This can change contingent upon what you list. 

  • Assuming you list a thing that is illicit – like medications, you’re probably going to confront either a long transitory suspension or a prompt perpetual suspension. 
  • In the event that you list a thing that isn’t illicit yet isn’t permitted to be sold on eBay – like certain blades, at that point the interaction is normally like in the event that you list a reserved picture. 
  • In the event that you list bunches of various sorts of things that are prohibited yet aren’t unlawful, you may luck out and find that eBay regards them as isolated, inconsequential encroachments. 


Rundown restricted blades on 3 events – As you’re breaking similar arrangement multiple times, you’re probably going to confront a notice and transitory suspension of 3 or 7 days. 

Rundown a prohibited blade, a restricted clinical gadget and a restricted lockpick gadget – eBay may decide to simply give you 3 alerts, as these are 3 separate arrangements being encroached. 

If it’s not too much trouble, treat this model as just a sign of what ordinarily occurs – eBay can be unusual and are the ones that choose what move they make against you (which could be pretty much extreme than the model). 

Bad Seller Performance 

In the event that your vendor execution is poor, rather than suspending your record, eBay will begin by putting cutoff points and limitations for you. 

These include: 

  • Bringing down your postings in the list items 
  • Limiting your capacity to list more things 
  • Downsizing your store to Basic level (on the off chance that you have a Premium, Anchor or Enterprise store) 
  • Charging you a higher last worth expense 
  • Keeping you from opening any more eBay accounts 


In the event that your merchant execution keeps on being poor in the wake of being limited, or you are making an especially helpless purchasing experience then eBay is probably going to get into a champion suit, snatch a monster hammer and significantly crush it into the floor as they for all time boycott you. 

Thing following and area issues/becoming excessively quick 

For dropshippers, this sort of suspension is known as “MC011”. 

As per Ilia, this will ordinarily bring about either a perpetual suspension or eBay mentioning to see solicitations from your provider. Even in the wake of seeing solicitations, nonetheless, eBay can choose not to restore your record. 

What’s the difference between a limitation and a suspension? 

In the event that your record is confined by eBay, you can in any case utilize your record however it will confront certain limits. Instances of limitations include: 

  • Bringing down your postings in the list items 
  • Restricting your capacity to list more things 
  • Downsizing your store level to essential 

In any case, if your record is suspended by eBay, you won’t utilize it for practically all capacities.


Here you know about the sus[pension period of your ebay account. But it’s better to take care not to let go suspend your account. Ask to ebay customer service phone number about what are the precautions so account not get suspend and solutions if it is already suspended





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