How Important are Online Tools like TDEE Calculator and BMR Calculator for your Health

September 20, 2021

In order to carry on daily life activities, like breathing, walking, playing, going shopping or school, heart pumping, muscle contraction, eating and even simply lying down doing nothing, we require energy. This energy comes from the food we consume and is calculated as calories.

If we don’t take the appropriate amount of calories required to perform these functions we may suffer from various ailments and malfunctioning. Thus we need to be aware of how much energy we are taking in and burning as a result.

The least minimum amount of energy we needed in order to carry on essential life processes like breathing, heart pumping, brain activity and biochemical reactions inside the body is calculated as the BMR.

Another metric, in the same way, accounts for the total amount of energy we needed in our to carry on all the activities performed in the period of 24 hours. Both these metrics are calculated using online tools i.e. the BMR calculator and TDEE Calculator.

In this article, we should explore the importance of the TDEE and BMR calculator on our healths.

Basal Metabolic Rate

The Basal Metabolic Rate or simply the BMR is the minimum amount of energy that is needed by us in order to pursue the fundamental functions needed to stay alive. 

These may include vial functions like respiration, heart plumbing blood, maintaining homeostasis (internal temperature and environment), electrolytes balance, chemical reactions and neuronal activity.

These all basic activities account for the major calorie consumption by the body i.e 60-70%. The utilization of BMR value is depended upon several factors including the height weight, age and gender of the person.

BMR Calculator

The BMR calculator is one of the amazing tools that keep you updated with your metabolic rates. Using all the factors as stated above i.e gender, age, weight and height it calculates the basal metabolic rate for you.

The BMR calculator provides your Basal metabolic rate values according to the most recent and widely accepted formula, the Mifflin-St. Jeor equation. However, other than body metrics it also takes into account your activity level in order to provide more precise results.

Total Daily Energy Expenditure

The TDEE stands for the total daily energy expenditure, which accounts for the total amount of energy your body requires in a day. All the caloric requirements for various physical as well as internal activities of the human body are calculated as the TDEE.

The TDEE comprises all the functions involved in our metabolic and chemical processes while also including the body systems that are involved in the functioning of metabolism. Therefore, other than caloric and energy intake or consumption, several metabolic factors are ao included in TDEE calculation comprising the following

  • Resting metabolic rate (RMR)

  • Basal metabolic rate (BMR)

  • Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) 

  • Exercise activity thermogenesis (EAT)

  • Thermic effect of food (TEF)

TDEE Calculator

The TDEE calculator is an online tool just like the BMR calculator that determines the daily energy consumption of our body. The number of calories we burn throughout the day can easily be calculated using the TDEE calculator. 

It takes into account all the factors required to evaluate a person’s total daily energy expenditure. These factors include the BMR, RMR, NEAT, EAT and TEF, however, in order to determine the BMR and RMR it uses the Mifflin-St. Jeor equation.

All you have to do to determine your energy consumption using the TDEE calculator is enter your body parameters that include, your gender, age, height, weight along with your activity level throughout the day

After entering your parameters choose whether you live a sedentary life, or you are lightly, moderately or extremely active and hit on the calculate option in a fraction of seconds the TDEE calculator will provide you with the optimum results regarding your energy usage.

Significance of BMR and TDEE Calculator on Your Health

The straightforward rule to maintain an ideal weight and health is to consume the number of calories your need according to your body requirements. This is generally known as the CICO model.

The CICO model states calories in vs calories out regulate the weight in the human body. The weight in the human body is a significant factor in maintaining overall good health. 

For instance, being too lean and skinny is a sign of malnutrition and leads to weakness and other malnutrition diseases. Similarly, being obese or overweight is a root cause of many cardiac and other organs disorder. 

Thus in order to maintain an appropriate weight to lead a healthy life one must be aware of hir/her caloric requirement in a day. Online health calculators like the TDEE and BMR calculator keep you updated regarding your calorie needs.

These calculators determine how much quantity of calories you must eat by taking into account your body parameters. It operates by entering what your gender is, how old you are, how much weight and height you possess and what kind of physical life you are having.

Subsequently, when you are aware of your caloric needs and consume according to the requirements you can achieve your health target. Whether you are losing weight day by day and becoming too lean or gaining extra bulls with TDEE and BMR calculator you can turn the tables.

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