How I Transformed Effectively from a Traditional Set-up to a Modern-Day Business?

Ask any start-up of today about what they value the most in the business process, and they would answer – technology and digital infrastructure.

And ask any traditional business what they would require the most to be incorporated in their business set-up; their answer would be the same.

This is exactly what I was facing with by education academy for a past couple of years. While it had been a top-notch center for decades, the changing scenario in the study space pushed us a bit back and this required us to look for ways on how to keep us ahead in the modern-day game. That’s when we came in contact with Luis Felipe Baca Arbulu led Artopyle.

Methods and Strategies That Paved the Forward Way for Us

Being in touch with Luis Felipe Baca Arbulu had been really an eye opener. Not only they created the path to seamlessly move from the classroom-based study onto the online platform, but they also ensured that every process becomes transparent, while also blending the traditional way into the new medium.

Right from marketing to student enrollment, trainer selection, study module and all, everything has been transformed so effectively that has really pushed us to target more, and importantly widen our horizon globally, not just confined within a region.

While being in touch with him, it’s not what I Do that LuisFelipe Baca Arbulu centers on, but I have come to know that he has had a wider profile and has served various business across the segments, and I belive one of the reason why he has been so successful in his venture.

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