How Fruit Flavours are Taking a Place of Shisha Tobacco Among Smokers?

Hookah, also called Shisha has been around for years and became a favourite pastime of individuals of every age, from adults to youngsters. Hookah smoking is centred around friendly conversations and promotes a moment of pleasure. Initially, this tradition was limited to family and social gatherings, but now there are many shisha cafes and lounges established to cater to the masses.

Hookah smoking is deeply rooted in our tradition that has been passed down to generations amongst Persian, Egyptian, Turkish, and other Middle Eastern families. In the 21st century, hookah is still a way to show hospitality and respect but has become a safe way of smoking, of course, with an innovative range of fruit flavours.  

What is Hookah?

A hookah comes is a water pipe that consists of a water chamber, tube, and tobacco chamber to allow users to inhale. Since tobacco is considered dangerous to health, users are trying out fruit flavours to enhance their shisha smoking experience. 

These flavours elevate the taste, aroma, and smoke of hookah with significantly fewer health ramifications. Flavoured substances became famous in the Eastern Mediterranean countries in the 90s and eventually spread all over the world.

History of Shisha Tobacco

People have been smoking tobacco in water pipes since the 16th century and further, it has turned into a relaxation activity and made its way throughout the world. Until the 90s, shisha tobacco was unflavoured and tobacco leaves were used to be mixed with water and then transformed into an appropriate shape for smoking out of a hookah bowl. 

During the 90s, smokers have tried to ferment tobacco leaves with flavours of honey, glycerine, and molasses to create a smooth and sweet sensation. This has brought a healthier shisha experience and a great replacement for harmful tobacco smoking to the front. Since then, various fruit flavours like mint, apple, orange, and more have been produced on a large scale, giving rise to the popularity of hookah smoking. 

A New, Safer Trend of Hookah Fruit Flavours

It is a big misconception that smoking tobacco from hookah reduces nicotine and other toxins. Make sure to note that it still carries those harmful chemicals present in traditional hookah and cigarette smoke. Hookah smoking can lead to serious illness and because it is often smoked in a social environment with a number of people sharing the same pipe and sometimes, even the mouthpiece, infections can be passed along.

Over time, more and more people have realised that smoking tobacco, nicotine, and tar may lead to health-related risks and as time passes, traditional shisha was replaced with handpicked fruit flavours to effectively create a new and healthier way of smoking for users. 

It allows users to abandon the hazardous additives and enable them to experience the same delights and social ambience with fewer health concerns. There is a plethora of flavours available in the market these days to suit all taste palates and preferences. 


Moving on from many years to today, hookah has been considered a popular pastime and is widely enjoyed by the old-school traditional crowd as well as the young generation. Since many of us have discovered that tobacco smoking can cause various health problems, other healthier alternatives came forward like fruit flavours for smoking to replace the hazardous contents of tobacco in shisha and provide users with a safe, functional alternative.

So, if you’re planning to buy tobacco online in Australia, it’d be a great choice to look for tobacco-free flavours to enjoy a healthier and incredible smoking experience.

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