How covid is impacting the hair loss

The covid-19 pandemic has come up with many hazardous effects on the lives of people. Upon its announcement on struck the world, doctors have seen a higher increase in its patient losing hair as they shed off the abnormal amount of hair. In most instances, it has been asserted that hair loss in Covid patients is a result of stress associated with the disease. Even the doctors say that many Covid patients are experiencing hair loss, a thing they believe is truly related to the coronavirus pandemic. This is because it is affecting all people with the virus and even those who have not ever had it in the past. While people shed off hair in the normal instances, after going through profound stressful events like illness

The research shows that over 25% of Covid 19 patients have had intense hair loss. Some people have not suffered from this disorder in the past. Perhaps stress is to be put to blame for this. This is because there is no clear evidence that shows that Covid hair loss itself. Rather, doctors are trusting that both the physical and emotional trauma that people are going through accompanies Covid 19 cases which may cause a reversible condition known as telegenic effluvium (TE). This is a condition that involves the loss of hair. It is a well-known condition that is believed to take place after few months of stressful events and encounters of major surgery, distress, and even high fever. The condition shifts from the hair of a person to the telegenic or even the resting phase and cycle of hair growth which in turn leads to ultimate hair loss.

In a situation where there is a shock in the body’s system, it goes down into the lockdown mode to focus on vital function. Hair growth, just like other functions, is essential that makes you end up shedding off your hair. It is always necessary to involve oneself in activities that counterattack the main problem and make an amicable solution.

How would covid 19 cause hair loss

Since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been consistent hair loss conditions amongst many people. These people are known to have the mention TE condition. This is a condition where the patient with it has a sudden loss of hair. Typically, hair falls off their head in large clumps either when brushing, combing, or even while showering.

Many people who undergo the TE condition experience a noticeable loss of hair like two to three months after the events that triggering the condition. After the emergence of the coronavirus, which is past a year now, many people are undergoing the problem of losing their hair. Something very sensitive as it changes one’s physical look. The TE problems may last up to nine months, after which people find the lost hair re-growing. This is one reason why many people have known the major cause of it in this period could be stress and depression.

TE mechanism

Like other body processes, hair has different growth phases. TE takes place when the stressor leads to a larger amount of hair have a sudden stop to grow by entering into the telegenic resting phase. At this period, you will realize the density of hair reduces; there are spaces and much more. During the telegenic phase, the resting hairs can remain there for about three months before it is shed from your scalp to give a chance to new hairs growth. It is for this reason that the hair loss happens due to the TE happening after an event trigger. And in this case, the emergence of a severe covid 19 virus illness, which is a stressful sickness, has led to so much trauma and depression amongst people living with the fear of getting the disease. This is the major cause of hair loss increases around the globe.

How loss of hair is associated with the severe covid-19

Of course, there are high chances that the covid-19 severity is causing hair loss to people. But the levels into which this case plus the entire biological process behind it is not clear. Back in 2020, the research showed that evaluated 175 people were hospitalized with corona to having 67% them with androgenic alopecia. This is a condition that causes hair loss. The same year in July indicates a balding pattern in over 340 among 1505 men who were hospitalized without having the virus. Those men who had pronounced baldness were likely to be covid-19 positive. Besides that, in November that was conducted found out that the loss of hair was independently associated with severity of covid-19 illness.

Once the cause of the hair shedding triggers levels back to normal or people get used to the situation, everything settles back to normal. All you need to do is give everything time to settle back to normal because there is little you can do about it. Many people see their hair growing too normal within nine months. If you are suspecting the loss of your hair during this covid 19 period, there is more to it than just the TE, and it is all about fever, stress, dermatologist, and more.


If you have been wondering about the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic, then you have not have had it all. This article best describes how the covid-19 virus has contributed to hair loss to the patients and those affected around us. If you read it carefully, you will have all reasons to take precaution measures to avoid it further spread which will lead to many more victims. To know more about hair transplant and hair transplant cost, you can visit our wesbite Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. 

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