How Can I Write “In This Essay, I Will Discuss…” In A Better Way?

Essay writing builds up an understanding and increases the process of learning over a subject. It further clarifies and sorts out concepts along with helping you retain information for a much longer period of time.

However, as much as essay writing is fruitful, it’s also a little difficult to collect all the information and write it in a concise manner within the word limit. Thus, students come across many problems.

Cast “In This Essay, I Will Discuss…” Out Of Your Essay

The perfect way to ruin an essay, is to start it by telling a reader what they are going to be reading about. This breaks all the interest that had already been built through the topic. So, to keep an audience on the same page, it is better not to start it with such phrases. 

Nail an Essay Start

A lot of times students are confused as to why they have received less marks even though their essay satisfies all requirements. That’s because most students take a mundane start to their essays. Phrases, tone, structure etc. almost everything is written in the same old cliché manner. Therefore, few ways have been laid out which will help in giving an essay an interestingly good start.

  1. Make First Sentence Engaging

The next thing that should completely hook a reader, after the topic, is the first line. This could be one of the best start to your essay depending on how you structure your first line.

  1. Introduce the topic with a background information

If the topic chosen is an informative one, starting an essay by giving away an interesting fact or information is never a bad idea. It gets an essay on track and keep it going.

  1. A one line statement

Summarizing a first paragraph in fewer words and precisely penning it down in a sentence will enhance the overall image of an essay. This is the most difficult and crucial task yet it’s the most effective one.

The work doesn’t end here. All these ways mentioned aren’t going to work unless and until a topic is chosen that actually inspires the writer. It’s better to write on a topic that excites and thrills the writer. A great, strong and immensely engaging beginning of an essay totally depends on how much an author is invested in the respective subject.

Last But Not Least

Giving a good start to an essay isn’t an easy task. It requires a lot of time and efforts, even then most of the students are unable to bring their essay to that high caliber thus, stress themselves out and end up not submitting it at all.

The worst thing a student can do, is to fail their essay just because of lack of creativity. That’s where essay writing service by EazyResearch comes in for the rescue. Submit a professionally written, worth A Grade essays to your professors and win their hearts.





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