How Are Teachers Using Social Media For Learning In School?

Today in the world in which we are living is all surrounded by the dominancy of technology and social media. No individual is left from its usage. It was seen previously students being scolded by parents and teachers for excessive use of social media especially, but there’s one thing that changed it all. “THE DEMAND AND THE NEED.”

The population to be seen on social media apps are mostly youngsters. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that their lives are left incomplete without it. There is a strong competition going on and everyone is in a race. If we talk apart from the personal lives and target educational institutes, we will also find, the majority of the schools have adopted technology and shows its presence on social media. If a well-known school isn’t updated with the installation of technologies, maybe the parents will think twice or thrice to make their child enrolled. However, for the usage and convenience of teachers, they have started working with the latest advancements.

social media and learning transfers from one person to another in the modern world”.


The question that arose after this all is how is social media beneficial for the students? Is it possible for the students to take benefit out of it? Can it fill the missing gap between learning and students in a productive manner? Would the students ask for “dissertation help” if they will fail to do their assignments?


Let’s find out the answer to them all.     


Educational Approaches And Benefits Of Social Media For Student’s Academic Performance

Here are some of the approaches and benefits shared by social media for the improvement of the academic performance of the students.

  1. Compatibility And Collaboration

The greatest favourable position of social media is better uniformity. Students can associate with anybody anytime through WhatsApp. If the student is left with their schoolwork, they can generally speak with their companions or guides. They don’t have to pause and meet the teacher physically. Social media advance learning by offering support, for example, through Google Drive Box, Google Docs. A few teachers even associate with their group through Facebook live, as some instructor does by perusing sleep time stories to her students each night.


  1. Discovering Real Information Online

Different sites and social media networks are giving a lot of data that can be useful to students. Using social media news channels, students can discover educational and important sites they need to follow to be kept tuned in. Students can discover answers to their queries. Websites, like Tumblr and Pinterest, can offer kids motivation for school projects or reasonable critical thinking.

The educational advantages of social systems administration are likewise those that assist students with planning significant activities. They also make them familiar with specific ideas with extraordinary viability. Social media sites will contain the most recent information on different school subjects and accordingly, the students have the chance to review and examine what’s going on. Social media is a Wikipedia for students nowadays. We are seeing a time of social media learning.

  1. Involvement Of Parents

Because of social media, the parents are connected with their children’s learning. Teachers have started making WhatsApp groups so that they can easily communicate, know about their child’s daily activities, homework, upcoming events, and other things that the parents may know about. We also see, that now the parents or teachers don’t have to wait for the parents-teachers meeting annually to know the progress because that problem is overcome by the usage of skype, zoom, or google meet.

Here also, social media is playing a positive part in the lives of parents, teachers, and students. They can just sit home and educate themselves about what’s going in their child’s school, the academic progress, etc.

  1. Improvement in Learning, Contacting, And Reading Skills

Most of the time it is seen that the students feel giving up when they have to write or read. However, when it comes to collecting information from the internet, the students do it happily. The reason for it is pretty simple and that is when a child sits in front of their PC/ laptop and begin to search, they have a lot of other activities that come in their way for that specific research. This way, they don’t get bored. Students are more attracted to blogs, articles, quizzes, e-books, and other activities rather than writing and reading books in class.

  1. Interspace Learning Opportunities For The Students

One of the biggest advantages of the social media that came in front of the world for the students was, filling the space between education and students that has been created. We found that social media very effectively came to the help of students. It was assumed by people that social media can’t learn online but this method was changed and the latest example of it was seen after the COVID-19 pandemic. If we imagine and just pay a little thought to what would happen to the academic career of the students if there was no online learning facility available? The students had to waste their year maybe, or anything else.

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Summarizing by,

Social media has been present in the world for years now. But, the advantage that is achieved from it was never appreciated to the level that it is done now. The people that were against it (teacher and parents) are those who are now in favour of it. It not only filled the space of learning in the lives of students but also made their learning methods enjoyable and constructive.





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