Hiring a mobile app developer: How much does it really cost?

The demand for mobile apps is high in almost every profession and now business is incomplete without it’s integration. It promotes the business to the next stage by providing all the service to the end-user with a simple tap. As per Statista, the download of the mobile app was about 197 billion.

It leaves out a different impression on the consumer through a simple accessing approach. Especially for the start-ups, it is good to choose the app to expand the service and reach the target customer. This compels them to choose the process of mobile app developers for hire.

Role of a mobile app in small business:

Mobile applications are providing a high benefit to the small scale business. Entrepreneurs can build brand loyalty with the application as it provides everything to the customer. Applications provide an easy way to communicate with customers.

It gives a new success path to the business and increases the sales revenue. Apps are more successful than weblink  in offering services to consumers that help in growing the profession.

They are also a great tool to get insight into your customer’s data and to know them better. This doesn’t mean you get the confidential information about them. It is just for knowing their taste and behaviour that helps in offering the exact product of their choice.

Overall, mobile applications are good for small businesses and a large one too. The mobile app developers for hire approach could divert the profession on the right path that provides the desired goals and vision.

What is the cost to develop a mobile app?

The overall cost to develop the app or hiring an app developer will be depending on the solution which you choose. The average cost of implementing the app ranges between USD 30,000 and USD 700,000.

The cost of Professional mobile app developers for hire is calculated on a weekly and monthly basis according to the agreement. For an instant, if your app developer works for 5 days and 40 hours a week, the range of calculation will be 160 hours a month.

As per the region, the cost of hiring the app developer will be as follows.


Cost of iOS developer

Cost of Android developer


$18 to $40 per hour

$20 to $35 per hour


$100 to $150 per hour

$120 to $170 per hour


$150 per hour

$200 per hour


$50 per hour

$60 per hour


The estimated cost as per the app type:

Application Type

Hours (Android)

Hours (iOS)

Hourly Rate

Basic Application

80 to 180

80 to 160

$15 to $18

Chat or message app



$18 to $20

Data based App

170 to 220

150 to 200

$15 to $18

Social Networking app



$25 to $30

Ecommerce or Enterprise app



$30 to $35

Game app



$30 to $35


The cost of the app developer depends on the location and experience. If the experience will be high the cost of the app development will also be high.

To find out the app developers you can consider platforms like Toptal, Linkedin, Upwork, Fiverr, Indeed and Get Apps done.

From the above table, you can analyse that hiring the app developer from India is quite cost-effective. There are many other reasons to choose freelancers developers from India. They are quite dedicated, creative and provide on-time delivery of the project.

India is mostly on priority to set up an offshore development office to increase the business revenue and global reach.

The cost of android mobile app developers for hire is higher than that of iOS platform and additionally, the hiring of freelance app development is cost-effective than going for the offshore app development centre. However, if you choose the freelance app developer, make sure you choose a reliable candidate.

Freelancer or development company which one to hire?

While choosing mobile app developers for hire, this is a common question among entrepreneurs and other professionals. To find the answer to the same, you must analyse your needs first. If you are looking for high skills and quality in the project, it is better to go for the dedicated company.

A development centre has a team of high skills employees who are well experienced. This thing lacks in the freelancer concept.

A dedicated company could provide you with better services regardless of the industry size. The other benefit is that you get all types of developers at one place, whether it is iOS, Android and Flutter.

Where can you find an app developer?

Hiring an app developer could be quite challenging for the entrepreneurs. Along with the app developer, in-class professionalism is also important.  


In today’s time, mobile app developers for hire is the basic need for every profession. It has gained priority more than a website and every IT company adds them in their professional family. Mobile developers are like pillars for good growth in today’s time.

Hire the mobile app developer as your need that suits your budget line. Last but not least, have a focus on all other important factors along with hiring cost.

 Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping clients for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.








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