Hire the Best Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

If you were hurt in a pedestrian accident, you probably have severe injuries, such as internal damage, head trauma, or broken bones. It’s likely that you will have months or even years of recovery ahead. Plus you might be unable to work.

When you’re seriously hurt in a pedestrian accident, you’re best off by bringing in the best pedestrian accident lawyer. When you attempt to deal with the insurance company yourself, you will probably get taken advantage of and the insurance company will only give you a fraction of what you could get with an attorney.

Most people injured in pedestrian accidents get better compensation when they hire their best pedestrian accident lawyer. Remember that if you have serious injuries, you could have issues that could put you out of commission for months. It’s not uncommon for a severely injured pedestrian to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. Plus all the lost work time.

It’s smart to have an attorney who has a good idea of what your future medical costs will look like. Experienced attorneys know how to make these calculations to ensure you get the money you need in a settlement.

Also, note that insurance companies like to tell people that hiring a lawyer is a bad idea because it drags things out. Sure, they want the case to be solved quick when they send you a check that is a fraction of what you could have received! It’s a great deal for them. No, you want to have an attorney in your corner who knows how to squeeze insurance companies and threaten legal action to get them to play fairly in settlement talks.

Your best pedestrian accident lawyer also will provide a lot of support and help outside settlement negotiations. You probably have piles of medical bills that you can’t pay, and you may have collection notices too. Your lawyer can call your doctor and get them to wait for the case to settle. A good attorney also can get them to settle your bills for less than full price.

Your attorney also will figure out who caused the accident. It’s important to prove that the other driver was fully liable. If they try to pin some of the blame on you, your settlement could be smaller.

Your lawyer also will discover if the other driver was working when the accident happened. If he was delivering flowers for a company and he hit you, the company could be liable, and they have much higher insurance liability limits. The company could have a liability policy of $500,000 or $750,000, which is important when you have bad injuries.

It’s clear that hiring the best pedestrian accident lawyer is a smart move. And you can hire one in most cases with no upfront money. Just talk to one today for a free consultation to find out if you have a good case.

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