Helping Your Child During JEE Preparation

Without a doubt, IIT-JEE is one of the most challenging exams that every student who wants to pursue a career in engineering has to crack. The fear of the exam and the pressure to perform well put students under a lot of stress. This is the time where they seek support from their family.

As parents, you can do a lot to help your child beat the exam stress. First, you can get them the best books for JEE recommended by toppers and help them outline a workable study plan. But this is not the end of the story. You can do a lot more to support your child and motivate them to give their best. 

We also understand that as parents, you worry about how well your child will perform and how it will impact their future. But at the same time, you must acknowledge that your child needs your support more than anything when it comes to bursting the stress bubble. 

Therefore, to help you out, we are listing some ways you can use to get involved in your child’s study process and help them prepare the best for their exams.

Keep the exam fear away

The fear of exams prevails in every student’s mind, and the only difference is the magnitude of anxiety they go through. When your child works on scoring high in the JEE exam, you should work on removing the exam fear from their minds. Resource your child with the best books for JEE Main and reassure them that the exam is a crucial milestone in their life, but not the be-all and end-all thing.

You know your child best, and that’s what makes you the right person to motivate them without creating any additional pressure. Make them feel comfortable, and tell them that you always have their back.

Don’t compare

Comparing your child with others is never a key to boost their morale. Even if it’s done with a good intention, it may be disheartening to your child and may demotivate him/her. To boost their confidence in themselves, you can appreciate their efforts and help them work on their weak areas. This will boost their confidence and inspire them to give their best in the exam.

No added mental pressure

Don’t give your fears to your child; Children have a tendency to pick up their parents’ anxiety levels. Therefore, as parents, before helping them deal with their exam stress, deal with yours first. Additionally, pressuring your child to score higher marks will put them under more mental distress. So, as good parents, create a calm and composed environment for them to study so that they can be more focused on their studies and achieve future goals.

Spend some quality time with them

The days near the exam date can be highly stressful. During the exam days, students disconnect from everyone and keep things to themselves. Identify such scenarios and try to spend some quality time with them. Understand them and provide all the emotional and mental support to make them feel loved and happy. This will help them concentrate better and perform well.

Assist them in creating a feasible study plan

The syllabus for JEE is vast, and covering it requires a practical study plan in place. You can assist your child in creating a study strategy that will help them cover the syllabus. Break the communication barrier between you and your child so that if they are stuck at some point, the first person they should look for must be you. 

If one study strategy is not working, create another. Don’t force your child to follow a routine that makes their exam preparation more stressful.

Identify warning signs

Every student feels anxious during exam time. Look out for signs like loss of appetite, anger issues, irritability, and irregular sleep patterns. These things will indicate that your child is under stress. As parents, you should aid your child by creating a foundation of self-confidence and self-reliance. Make your child believe that they can do anything if they dedicate their efforts in the right direction. Help your child with every decision they make and encourage them to perform up to their fullest potential.

Be all ears to them after exams

The time after the exam is over is also crucial. After the exam, your child will need someone to share their feelings, anxieties, and fears revolving around the exam and its results. Be attentive to what they say and make them feel comfortable discussing the question paper with you.

Don’t scrutinize the paper and point out the mistakes because once the paper is submitted, nothing remains in your hand.

Final Thoughts

Every child is different, and you know your kid better than anyone else. It is you who have to support your child during the tough times and help them with their exam preparations. But you must understand where to draw a line as too much interference can pressurize them. Be a friend of your child and lend them an open hand to grab and move through the road of exam preparation and achieve another milestone cracking JEE.

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