Hate Leg Day? How to Get Gymgoers Stoked About the Leg Press Machine

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You probably won’t find many gym patrons whose favorite day is “leg day.”

Is it due to the perceived level of difficulty? Or the perceived lack of variety? Whatever the reason, leg day has an undeserved bad reputation. 

But with proper equipment and training strategies, gym owners can help their clients get excited about working out their legs with as much gusto as they do their upper body.

A leg press machine is one of the best tools for building leg strength and muscle mass. Here’s how gym owners can get their clients excited about using this powerful piece of equipment:


Point Out the Benefits of the Leg Press Machine

Some of the muscles the machine targets are the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. It’s also a good alternative for those who have difficulty performing squats or lunges due to mobility issues or injuries. 


Provide Appropriate Training

Don’t assume everyone knows how to use all of your equipment. Gymgoers may feel intimidated by the leg press machine if they’re not 100 percent sure how to use it. Make certain the equipment’s instructions are visible and easy to understand. 

Here are two other ways you can get patrons excited about the leg press machine while ensuring they get the proper training: 

  • Offer group classes focused on using the leg press machine. In these sessions, an instructor would guide participants through proper form and technique while offering modifications tailored to different fitness levels. Not only does this guarantee gymgoers use the machine safely and effectively, but it also fosters a sense of community and support among clients. 
  • Instructional videos or tutorials posted to the gym’s website or social media channels can serve as a convenient resource for clients to refer to at their own pace. By offering various training options, gym owners can accommodate different learning styles and provide a more comprehensive approach to incorporating leg presses into clients’ workout regimens. And as an added benefit, it also serves as a branding tool for you and your gym.


Include Variety

Do your gymgoers dread leg day because they feel like they’re doing the same exercises repeatedly, with little to no variation? To keep clients engaged and motivated, incorporate variety into their workouts with different foot positions on the leg press machine, resistance bands, or unilateral exercises like single-leg presses. Consider posting photos of these positions, complete with the reasons behind them, on or near the equipment. This keeps things exciting and fresh on leg day.


Set Achievable Goals

Your managers and trainers need to set realistic expectations for their leg workouts, and newbies need to stick to the basics: increasing the weight they lift on the leg press machine, improving the range of motion, and increasing reps. By setting achievable targets, your clients will be more likely to stick with their regimen over time and see results – especially those who may be new to working out.


A Great Addition!

The leg press machine is invaluable for building leg strength and muscle mass. By emphasizing its advantages, providing proper training, providing variety, and setting achievable goals, gym owners can encourage their clients to embrace this equipment and look forward to leg day with anticipation.

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