Hairline Lowering Surgery: Does it Help?

A high hairline makes your forehead look weird. This can hinder your self-esteem from facing life with confidence. Beverly Hills Hair Restoration offers a treatment called hairline surgery to help those with high hairlines face life with courage. This type of hair loss treatment allows doctors to reduce the effect of a high hairline by either transplanting hair to the forehead or removing a layer of forehead skin and stretching the forehead skin forward to lower the hairline. 

In this article, we will look at how hairline lowering surgery is done to see whether it’s an effective hair loss treatment or not. 

Before we look into that, let’s understand the factors that contribute to a high hairline. A high hairline may come from hair thinning, generic factors, brow lift, a huge scar from surgery, or a coronal brow lift treatment. A high hairline prevents a person from wearing different hairstyles. This condition can be corrected using a hairline surgery. Let’s now look at how it is done.

How Hairline Lowering Surgery is Done 

To reduce the forehead protrusion brought about by a high hairline, it is to lower the hairline. Another name for hairline lowering surgery is scalp advancement. This procedure is usually done during a facial feminization surgery. The surgeon performing the hairline lowering surgery is guided by the patient’s needs, hairline height, and scalp laxity. 

Who Can Have Hairline Lowering?

  • A hairline surgery is not suitable for men. It is more effective in women than in men. 
  • If a woman has a high hairline or a large forehead, she can undergo this procedure. 
  • If a man is to have this procedure, he should not have a hair loss history.
  • The patient who has a flexible skin on the forehead. 

Techniques Used in Hairline Lowering 

When lowering the hairline, the doctor can use two procedures. One procedure involves removing and placing hair follicles from the donor area and implanting it in the forehead. The surgical procedure of hairline treatment involves cutting a skin layer in the scalp of about 2 centimeters. The skin layer is thrown, and the forehead’s upper skin is stretched forehead to lower the hairline. This is done by stitching. The process usually leaves a scar, which hair growth will hide afterward. 

To prevent a scar from appearing after the surgery, the doctor will put a biodegradable scalp beneath the skin. This is done by attaching the skin to the muscles. 

In the hair transplant procedure, the doctor performing the hairline lowering procedure will harvest grafts from the donor area. The harvested hair follicles are placed in the areas where hair loss hair or thinning has taken place. Although, in most cases, this procedure involves minor surgery, it helps to reduce the forehead. Before opting for this type of hair loss treatment, the doctor needs a full report of your health history. This will allow him to assess whether the patient is eligible for these treatments or not. 

Before the hairline surgery is done, the patient needs to avoid taking inflammatory medication for at least a week. If the patient continues using these drugs, it will delay the entire process. If a patient likes salty food, they also need to avoid salty foods and liquor as they may cause retention and swelling. To increase immunity after the procedure, the doctor will advise the patient on the type of food needed. 


Many hospitals and clinics that perform the hairline surgery procedure do a great job in restoring lost hair. However, the technique used by the surgeon will determine how long it takes to heal. Dr. John Kahen, the team of surgeons at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, offers high-quality hair loss procedures that are friendly to the stomach. 

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