Guide on 2 carat diamond ring

Are you looking forward to asking your partner for a hand in marriage? If yes, then you should make the effort of being to get an engagement ring that has a statement. For that matter, a 2-carat diamond is one of the show stoppers that is bound to sparkle your woman’s finger. However, when it comes to selecting a 2-carat diamond ring for the engagement, there important aspects that you should consider. These factors are clarity, color, and cut. They all need to revolve around the style of the engagement ring. It is hard to find the right type of a 2-carat diamond ring. You will need an expert’s guidance on what to go for to create a good 2-carat engagement ring that best fits your budget.

If you have ever met anyone wearing a 2 carat diamond ring, then it means you know why it is referred to as the statement diamond. Apart from its remarkable size that will attract many people, this engagement ring indicates high levels of elitism to the wearer.

Many people, or rather partners, find it hard to get great jewelry. This is because you may come across many problems and frustrations that are related to the jewelry shopping experience from the local jewelers. If you are on the verge of a wedding soon, things can get overwhelming when you out to purchase the ring late. The good thing is that if you get advice from the right people, then life will be easy. When buying a 2-carat diamond, ensure to go for these factors.

Go online

This is a simple way to shop for your 2-carat diamond ring for your engagement. The two sized diamond is pretty, rare which makes it hard for the local stores to have it. Even with it, it limits your available choices.

Choose a minimum of vs2 clarity

While many small-sized diamonds are eye clean, it is not the same case when it comes to the bigger sized diamonds. That means if you are not interested in the black, ugly inclusion through your naked eyes, you should stick with the VS clarity or a much better version.

A cut is the king of the 2-carat diamond ring

If a diamond doesn’t sparkle, there is nothing good about it. That means having a better cut, the brilliance, and sparkle can help enhance color tones and other positive inclusions. That means you can save money and acquire a large diamond that has great color and commendable clarity. With this, you will end up with a beautiful diamond.

Choose G or better color

The color of your diamond ring is an aspect that is subject to individual people. The large-sized diamonds will tend to trap the body color than the smaller stones. That means in case you are color sensitive, then go for the diamond that has G color or a much better one if you do want to see nuances of yellow.

Purchase a GIA or AGS diamonds

These two types of diamonds are the main gemological labs that offer consistent and reliable grading services. Therefore, if you do not want to get ripped off and perhaps you would love to know what you are acquiring, then never buy diamonds graded by other laboratories. This is because their grading is not genuine and does not meet the standards of a good diamond ring.

One vital point you should keep in mind is that there is nothing too good to be true. For industry, it is vital to have an industry precisely to grade these 2-carat diamond rings.

A bling factor is one of the main reasons to choose a 2-carat diamond ring when it comes to selecting an engagement ring. But this is not the reason behind sizing up to a 2-carat diamond ring. It will look much bigger in case it gets mounted in a setting where there are small sizes. A larger one is more visible than the smaller one. Ensure to go for that which captures the attention of the people on your engagement day. And since the 2-carat diamond rings could be rare, many retail stores do not carry the best quality of the 2-carat diamonds. But the online retailer can provide a large section. Besides that, they can offer a close-up video of your diamond, which allows you to see how it performs.


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