Getting Fit with a Cable Crossover Machine: A Complete Guide

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If you are opting to start your home weight loss journey, you are on a budget, or have limited space; then a cable crossover machine is the best addition to your house. With various features and attachments, the home cable crossover machine lets you comprehensively work several muscle groups using a single machine.

So, what’s cable crossover equipment, and how do you pick the best for your needs?

Cable crossover machines Defined

Irrespective of the flashy appearance of contemporary weight equipment, cable crossovers have been around since the 1950s. A cable crossover machine allows you to benefit from functional and weight training in one comprehensive machine. 

Formed from a sturdy frame, typically made from steel, with weight stacks on both ends, cable crossovers use cables that are pulled in several directions. This allows users to perform a wider range of workouts designed to work for different muscle groups.

The cable crossover machine’s frame is around three meters wide and 2 meters higher, with one cable on every side, letting you perform both one and two-arm workouts. You can adjust the cables to several heights, further extending the range of workouts you can do.

Types of cable crossover machines

Numerous types of cable crossover equipment are available, from basic frames and smith equipment with cables to complete systems featuring leg presses, power racks, and core trainers. Some cable crossover machines are designed with smith machines and power racks. If you are not sure about the kind of machine that will fit your needs, don’t hesitate to talk to experts.

What muscles do these machines work?

A crossover machine is called a cable crossover multi-gym since it allows you to engage various muscle groups during a workout. This has made these machines popular. The number of muscle groups you can engage will depend on your particular machine’s features, which improves the kind and range of workouts you can perform.

So, muscle groups worked by the machine include the biceps, pectorals, triceps, deltoids, and abdominals.

Cable crossover machines feature adjustable cables that you can set to your preferred height, letting you complete various exercises.

The type of muscles you are working on will depend on the height/positioning of the cables and the kind of attachment you use. So, certain handles/attachments are used for certain types of workouts. Most of these workouts, like triceps and biceps, will need a singular crossover cable.

Pros of using a cable crossover machine

  • It’s safer
  • It brings a different element of resistance
  • It’s customizable

Cons of using cable crossover machine

  • Gets extremely heavy
  • Not ideal for power work and speed
  • Unfriendly to beginners

How to train for a cable crossover

  • Do not go extremely heavy
  • Use the full-range motion
  • Stay slow and move with purpose
  • Keep the shoulders back
  • Avoid bending the elbows too much

As you’ve learned everything about cable crossover machines, there are numerous ways to get most of this equipment. A tethered crossover machine will assist you in packing a huge amount of strength and muscles. So, include it in your routine workout program to notice improvement.

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