German Jack Boots: A Shoe with A History

June 2, 2022

The phrase “Jackboot” originally referred to tall winged leather cavalry boots that had been “jacked,” or strengthened against attacks.

These German Jack Boots are known in Germany as “Marschstiefel,” which means “marching boot.” This is the traditional boot worn by German military infantry in World Wars I and II.

In World War II in 1939, the Wehrmacht, or the armed forces of the Third Reich, economized the WWII German boots. The boots were introduced in a shorter version. To preserve leather, the shaft height was reduced from 32-41 cm to 29-35 cm. Also, because of the massive increase in the number of German soldiers, they ordered non-blacked boots. Before each combat mission, the soldiers were just told to blacken their footwear.

Jack Boot Trims
To make the boots more durable, cowhide was used to make them. The hide leather soles were also reinforced with round-headed tacks called “hobnails.” When each boot impacted the hard streets, the hobnails added to the theatrical of a marching German army by making a piercing click sound. The boots also have steel reinforcements around the heel. So, when a soldier was told to come to attention, the heels made a loud clicking sound.

Different versions of army boots were produced for paratroopers and the navy. Each army boot’s accessories included stockings, socks, and flaps.

In the years 1942-1944, due to a shortage of leather, the production texture changed, and army boots went from leather to rubber soles.

The WWII German Jack Boots
The German Wehrmacht preferred jackboots because of their simple design and durability. Jackboots have a long and illustrious history that predates and outlasts their link with World War II tragedies and fascist regimes.

Combat Boots Today
The combat boot is now available in a variety of styles, each tailored to the needs of the individual troops and special forces. Mountain infantry and paratroopers, as well as select flying personnel, wear some of the so-called unique models.

In the tropical climate, German forces wear tropical boots. Special desert boots are also used in the desert such as in Mali and Afghanistan.

Combat boots are also quite popular outside of the army and military units. They’re common in the security and bouncer industries, and they are also worn by subcultures as a fashion statement. From punk to rock to alternative, there’s something for everyone.

In recent decades, combat boots have regained popularity in civilian life, and they now have a permanent place in ordinary dress culture. Additionally, WW jack boot reproductions have also remained popular for history lovers and reenactors, including film outfits shooting war and historical films.

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