Gallstones Associated With Erectile Dysfunction Risk

March 13, 2022

Eliminating erectile dysfunction is an important concern for men of all ages and maintaining good health of the penis can help. But, there can be physical problems that can lead to erectile dysfunction, and they could appear away from the penis. The reason for this is that our body’s a complicated interconnected system, and a problem that occurs in one part of the body could be a source of concern for another. This is the case with gallstones and gallstones, which have been shown to be linked with a greater risk of Erectile dysfunction.

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What are gallstones?

Also known as gallbladder stones gallstones are composed of digestive fluid which has gotten hardened and solidified. The digestive fluid in this instance is bile produced by the gallbladder in order to help to break down the food and drinks people consume. Normally, liquid bile is transported from the gallbladder into the small intestine. However, at times, it can harden into gallstones.

What triggers it to stop being normal bile, and instead turn into gallstones? Doctors aren’t quite certain, but it appears to happen when the body produces too much cholesterol or many bilibrubin. (Bilirubin is made by the liver to assist in breakdown the red blood cells.) It’s also believed that at times the gallbladder can’t get rid of enough bile. If excessive bile remains in the gallbladder, it could cause gallstones to form.

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Most gallstones are small, and thus produce no symptoms. If they’re larger, they could be trapped inside a duct and can cause painful. The most common symptoms are sudden and intense painfulness in the top part of the right and/or in the center of the abdomen as well as within the area between your shoulder blades and the shoulder. Vomiting and nausea can also occur. In more serious instances, the skin and eyes can turn yellow, and a fever that is high (sometimes associated with chills) could be observed.

The connection between erectile and sexual dysfunction

It is clear that gallstones are not enjoyable – but why would they be a cause of erectile dysfunction? According to an article published in the American Journal of Men’s Health that examined over 9000 men suffering from gallstones and more than 9000 men without and found that the prevalence of erectile dysfunction is about 50 percent higher in those with gallstones.


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Further research is required to establish the exact reason there’s a link however, one theory proposed is that gallstones trigger the condition known as oxidative stress. This could result in a reduction in penis blood flow as well as a healthy and open blood flow is vital and essential to ensure proper erectile function.


Averting the formation of gallstones is in a man’s best interests. Since they’re associated with overweight and weight gain, maintaining an appropriate weight is the most effective route to pursue. People who are overweight should stay clear of any programs that cause fast weight loss, since they are at risk of developing gallstones. A regular diet is an effective way to avoid this issue. Skipping meals or going without eating increases the chance of developing gallstones.

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A lot of gallstones are cleared naturally. Treatment for those that do not could include oral medication to break up the gallstones. However, this could take a long duration. In certain cases, removal of the gallbladder could be required.

Gallstones their impact on the erectile dysfunction process is being investigated. However, males are advised to take precautions to avoid them and keep their penis in good health. Regular use of a high-quality penis health cream (health experts suggest Man 1 Man Oil, that has been proven to be safe and gentle for facial skin) can help with the latter. Make sure you know the ingredients in your potential products. The top ones will contain many vitamins, including A B5, C and E. Their use in tropical cremes aids in targeting the penis with greater effectiveness. The creme must also contain an antioxidant that is potent such as alpha lipoic acid, which can combat the effects of oxidative stress to delicate skin of the penile.


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