Gain Mastery over the Design with an M.Des Program

“Everything in this world is a design. The one who has gained mastery over it will be the one moulds it as he envisions it.”

Basically, designing is all about art and creation. In today’s time, there is a sudden surge of growing opportunities in the designing field. It is because every field calls for aesthetics and sound designs which can cater to a user-friendly ecosystem.

So one may wonder how to gain mastery in this skill? See, there are bachelors and diploma courses in designing. These programs provide you with fundamental knowledge of the subject.

Those who wish to delve into the ocean of designing can pursue the M.Des program. This is a master level course designing program. It shares a duration of 2 years. Students are exposed to conceptual subjects of designing not only that they are provided practical training to apply it while facing real-life situations.

Master course provides you with a fair amount of exposure into various designing modules such as graphics, gaming, animation, etcetera. Let’s understand the dynamics of this program in detail. Check the following space.

What is the eligibility criteria for M.Des Course?

To participate in the M.Des course candidates are supposed to fulfil the eligibility criteria prescribed under the university guidelines. The important preconditions are described below: –

  1. The student must hold a bachelors degree.
  2. One is supposed to secure a minimum of 50% marks to participate in the M.Des course.
  3. Students will be shortlisted based on their performance in any of the entrance examination.

Some of the prominent programs are CEED, NIFT, IICD, etcetera.

Which is the best location to pursue a Masters in Design Course?

While deciding the M.Des program, candidates must look into the location they are setting out to pursue their program. So here are essential parameters to consider while choosing the location:-

  1. Networking opportunities,
  2. Designing opportunities,
  3. Faculty Base, etcetera.

Every place has its own uniqueness. A designing aspirant must have a look at the location they’ll be getting trained. Destinations with cultural significance and depth will provide you with an added advantage as designing students can simply walk out and explore different perspectives and aesthetics.

M.Des course in Rajasthan will be an excellent opportunity for you. This place is widely known for its ethnicity. Your environments shape you. To understand design, there is nothing better than to see it how it is done. Rajasthan is a traditionally rich state. It is widely known for its crafts, architectural designs and more. Therefore, students studying in this course are somewhat exposed to every detail of the subject on or off the campus.

Now that you have a clarity on the M.Des program, here’s what you need to decide. Are you pursuing this course out of some compulsion of lucrative job opportunities? Or are you doing it because you have absolute clarity in mind? See Designing is a highly intense and critical course. It calls for you to apply both your logical and intuitive mind faculties into work. Therefore, it is supposed to be a drive and passion within you.

“Design the globe you wish to see. Craft your creativity and give it expression through beautiful impressions.”


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