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Free Website vulnerability Scanner w3f is just one among them. w3f is a lightweight, easy-to-use web vulnerability scanner brought forth by the finest security team of OWASP organization. It is one of the most efficient free scanners for web exploits and vulnerabilities. It reports on all the vulnerabilities that occur in your website, along with the details of the websites and their cross-origin effects. It is one of the recommended tools to use for your website security.

There are a number of other website vulnerability scanning tools available. However, most of these free tools tend to be a bit outdated or have some bugs, which makes it difficult for them to provide comprehensive threat information. It is not unusual for some free scanners to ignore XHTML coding and other scripting languages. This can make the identification of the targeted site difficult, as all the coding will be ignored. Most people tend to use HTML and JavaScript code scanning methods, when they are looking for the vulnerabilities in their website.


If you wish to get more detailed threat information, then it is better to choose a paid service, where in the vulnerability scanning and reporting can be done in real time. There are many online services, which offer free website vulnerability scanner application security scanning and reporting. Most of the paid services offer the most updated and specialized scanning and reporting facilities, while offering great support.

Most of the free website vulnerability scanner programs are available only on a limited basis, like once in a month. It is not uncommon to find some of the scanners, which offer free scanning and reporting, for a period of three months. The scanning and reporting facility can be useful for businesses that constantly find website vulnerabilities. For e.g. if a business has over twenty five sites, all of them would need vulnerability scanning and reporting at regular intervals.

Another advantage of using a paid web vulnerability scanner application is the option of getting instant results. When you use a free website vulnerability scanner, you have to wait for a long time for the results. Some of the free scanners take quite a long time to find even one vulnerability, and then the whole scan may take even more time. In some cases, if the vulnerability is located in a commonly used website, then the scanning may take even more time.

While you are choosing a web security scanner program, it is important to compare the various features offered by the various applications. Some of the best security software provide a host of different options, which can help you determine the real scope of the security threat to your website. With so many options available, choosing a security software package with multiple options should make selecting the right one an easier task. There are also a lot of free vulnerability scanner programs available, but it is always better to opt for one that offers both free and paid versions.

The most common type of website security scanner is the one that detects SQL injection vulnerability. This is the most dangerous and therefore the most critical type of vulnerability scan. It can affect the health and safety of any website and can also lead to huge financial loss or reputation damage. The only way to avoid this is to make sure that you run a daily database update, and that you install and upgrade the anti-virus on your system on a regular basis. Any security scanner that does not provide full integration with your anti-malware application should be avoided.

A very good anti-malware solution for your web scanning needs includes Xoftspyse. This powerful malware scanner can detect and remove not just Trojans and other malware, but also common security issues like SQL injection vulnerability, cross-site scripting, URL redirecting, and other security issues that can harm your website. This comprehensive security program can be installed in no time, and provides effective scanning, reporting, and diagnosing power in just a few minutes.

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