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Free Website Security Scanning is a free internet tool by which you can quickly scan your site for any harmful software, embedded codes, frames, security holes etc. The scanning process is performed in such a manner that the tool scans the complete scope of the site and even external references. When your web application is scanned, you will get a comprehensive list of all files scanned, their type and location on your site along with details about the security status of each file. You can choose to download the scanned files immediately or you can schedule for a full scan at a later stage. Website malware scan tool scans all components of your website, however not all elements on your site may be scanned at the same time.


Website scanner programs use complex algorithms to identify all types of harmful code and malware and so the accuracy of the results depends on the specification of your computer as well as on the nature of your website. Although most free website scanning tools are quite accurate, they do not recognize all codes and may miss important areas. So an exact code scan is impossible. Only an error free scan is possible and this is what an accurate program can do.


The task of downloading and installing the tool may vary from one computer to another. So, while downloading, ensure that you download the tool that matches your system requirements. Usually you would have to enter the computer name and the folder where the files need to be scanned; however in some cases you may have to enter multiple numbers or enter the folder name in order to access all folders. However, once you start the scan, free website security checkers will provide you with detailed information regarding the detected threats. You can delete or quarantine the files if needed, depending on the result of the scan.

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