Focus On Your Core Tasks by Outsourcing to Kolaxo Contact Center Services

November 4, 2021

Kolaxo CCS is communicating with your customers on your behalf without your customers actually realizing that they are talking to someone sitting outside the actual office premises. All you have to do is share your customer demographics with us and tell us what your customers expect. Our trained telephone operated will meet their expectation in any way. We have multiple internet connections to ensure of one connection at any time gets slow or break down the other connection must support during that time. We have Xfinity as our main provider and Charter Specturm along with AT&T as a backup connection. These connections ensure nonstop internet availability and highest speed to make sure smooth and uninterrupted communication with customers. Our agents have knowledge about your industry and they are familiar with common problems with your customers hence they are in better position to handle them. Moreover, they give attention to detail which ultimately lead them to drive best solution to the problem that mutually beneficial for company and customer. Our service empower businesses to engage the community in conversation by providing ease to call anytime with a confidence that their problem will not just be heard properly but an appropriate action will be taken to eliminate the cause of this problem. This service develop a personal connection with customers to call the business any time they want.

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