Fit India Dialogue 2020 Highlights: PM Modi Announces ‘Fit India is Hit India’

Fit India Dialogue 2020 Highlights: PM Modi Announces ‘Fit India is Hit India’
PM Narendra Modi’s Fit India Dialogue 2020

#LIVE – PM Modi interacts with fitness influencers during Fit India Dialogue. #FitIndiaMovement

— CNNNews18 (@CNNnews18) September 24, 2020

Envisioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a “People’s Movement”, the Fit India Dialogue is yet another endeavour to involve citizens of the country to draw out a plan to make India a Fit Nation. The basic tenet on which the Fit India Movement was envisaged, that of involving citizens to imbibe fun, easy and non-expensive ways in which to remain fit and therefore bring about a behavioural change which makes fitness an imperative part of every Indian’s life, is being strengthened by this dialogue.

In the past one year, since its launch, various events organised under the aegis of the Fit India Movement have seen enthusiastic participation of people from all walks of life and from across the country. The Fit India Freedom Run, Plog Run, Cyclothon, Fit India Week, Fit India School Certificate and various other programmes have seen a combined organic participation of over 3.5 crore people, making it a true People’s Movement.

The Fit India Dialogue, which will see participation of fitness enthusiasts from all over the country, further strengthens the vision that it is the citizens who are to be credited for the success of the nationwide movement.





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